Diaspora @ chinaSMACK is a separate section of chinaSMACK. Whereas the original chinaSMACK looks at modern mainland Chinese society and Chinese people through translations of what is popular or trending on the Chinese-language internet, Diaspora @ chinaSMACK features the personal experiences, opinions, and perspectives of overseas Chinese people and communities. This includes foreign-born ethnic Chinese, Chinese immigrants, or mixed-race Chinese individuals in countries all around the world, both men and women, young and old, the extraordinary and notable but also the ordinary and normal.

Diaspora @ chinaSMACK: Welcome Abroad

Historical Chinese immigration has created a vast Chinese diaspora throughout the world estimated to number over 40 million, a phenomenon that has become an inseparable part of the identity and fabric of modern Chinese society. chinaSMACK believes that the differences and similarities between overseas Chinese and the Chinese “back home” are both instructive and compelling. But chinaSMACK also believes that overseas Chinese, while connected, are also separate, and with that they have their own stories stories to tell, their own trials, and their own triumphs.

Diaspora @ chinaSMACK is regularly updated by regular contributors and guest submissions.

Please Note: chinaSMACK does not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed in published submissions.


If you are an overseas Chinese individual would like to submit something to be published and featured here, whether it be an article or some other media (video, music, photography, art, etc.), please email us at submissions[at]chinasmack.com.

Include your submission, your full name, and a clear photograph of yourself at least 600×400 pixels large to be published alongside your submission should it be selected. If your submission is primarily text, and long, we strongly encourage you to also attach or link to any additional images that would complement your text. An Editor will contact you shortly.

We cannot guarantee that your submission will be published. While we welcome a wide variety of material and viewpoints, we do maintain certain standards for quality. Please note in advance that we will not publish Chinese political material of a highly sensitive nature. Since inception, chinaSMACK has sought to explore and share the social side of modern Chinese society, believing that there are already an overabundance of other media focusing on certain Chinese political topics.

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