Chinese USC Students Shot & Killed in Los Angeles

Two students of the University of Southern California leave flowers at the scene where two international students from China were shot dead on Wednesday in a "gang-infested" area near the university in Los Angeles, California.

From Los Angeles Times:

USC students killed: 1 shot while running for help; gunman sought

A gunman opened fire on a BMW near the USC campus Wednesday, killing two international students from China in a bungled robbery attempt, police said.

One of the victims, a man in his 20s, attempted to run for help after being shot but never made it. He was found collapsed on a porch, police said. The other victim, a woman in her 20s, was found slumped over in the BMW parked in the 2700 block of South Raymond Avenue, a few blocks from USC.

Police said both were graduate students from China studying electrical engineering, and Los Angeles authorities were working with school officials and the Chinese consulate to notify their families.

A lone assailant is believed responsible for the slayings, said Cmdr. Andrew Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department. He said detectives had little to go on and were examining all possibilities.

Ying Wu and Ming Qu were killed near the USC campus.

Ying Wu

From LAWeekly:

Ying Wu and Ming Qu, USC Grad Students From China, Identified as Shooting Victims

The USC grad students murdered in a 1 a.m. shooting outside their apartment have been identified as Ying Wu and Ming Qu, according to USC officials. They were both 23, and had traveled from China to study electrical engineering at the prestigious USC campus.

But the area surrounding USC is notoriously not so prestigious.

The couple, described by neighbors as private and reserved, were shot in an expensive new BMW on Raymond Avenue, the street where they lived, near 27th. One neighbor in particular told the Times that gang and drug activity in the area has been on the incline.

“Our community is saddened and outraged by this callous and meaningless act,” says Michael Jackson, vice president of USC Student Affairs, in a statement. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims’ families and friends and all who knew them at USC.”

He says Wu and Qu lived outside of the bubble that USC has taken measures to patrol:

“This incident occurred outside the neighborhood areas where over the past several years we have steadily increased our security presence, adding dozens of security and license plate recognition cameras, uniformed officers, and yellow-jacketed security ambassadors. However, tragedies such as this morning’s remind us that we all need to be continuously vigilant about safety and security.”



Looks like the criminal got angry seeing Chinese drive good cars, and they know that the Chinese people do not lose their temper, so nobody will go after them even if they kill them…


And the criminal sent a message to the Chinese community where some feel they’re suddenly niubi if they have some money: You’re nothing but targets to victimize.


Did this international student buy the car with his/her own money? Or was the car paid for with the lives of Shanxi coal miners?


Ban guns, ban guns!


I knew the USC area was unsafe, but I didn’t know it was this unsafe. Fortunately, when I was asked what school to go to back when I was still in China I firmly rejected/excluded USC.

A USC Public Safety vehicle drives on the street where two international students from China were shot dead on Wednesday in a "gang-infested" area near the University of Southern California, Los Angeles police in Los Angeles, California, April 11, 2012.

A USC Public Safety vehicle drives on the street where two international students from China were shot dead on Wednesday in a "gang-infested" area near the University of Southern California, Los Angeles police in Los Angeles, California, April 11, 2012.

Some images and captions: China Daily

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  • Sofa for Silesians!

  • Truly tragic.

  • Rensi

    The victims’ friend blogged to protest rumors:

    1. Both victims led a thrifty life by respectively co-renting with others. The girl chose to live in an unsafe area to save money.

    2. The car was a second-hand BMW recently purchased by the male student because he was near graduation and looking for jobs. The car has a temporary liscence plate, so it’s often misinterpreted as a new car. The girl did not have a car.

    3. The tragedy occured at 1 AM on Apr. 11, because the girl just finished an experiment in the lab. The guy was driving her home when the tragedy occured.

    The victim’s friend wishes all the Chinese people can boycott the rumors and spread the truth.

    • TAKE5

      I am sure there are many rumors that would make even chinese complain about the victims as if it was there fault. That area around usc has been bad for decades, everyone in Los Angels is aware of it. Many colleges in the us are located in poor areas because land is so cheap. There will always be poor people and you can’t buy enough land and property to get rid of them, so the colleges are stuck. This is the way it is. College students are targets any where. This could easily of happened at UCLA in westwood. Less likely to happen at Pepperdine university in malibu because it far away from the city. In any case, I feel badly for these young kids. I wish Chinese parents understood you can not send a nieve 18 or 19 year old child to a major city in the usa an expect all things to go well.

      • Kai

        I’m from Los Angeles and my sister went to UCLA. I thought Westwood was fairly affluent and safe? The area around UCLA is MUCH nicer than USC.

        I don’t think USC is an example of a college located in a poor area because the land is cheap. That’s more like other UC campuses that are located in rural areas. I thought the area around USC becoming bad is more about white flight and suburbanization leaving the poorer classes in the urban centers.

        • TAKE5

          You may be correct about the white flight however that flight started in the 50’s,&60. By 1970 the USC area was poor and urban. The college kids and it’s closeness to downtown made it hip, but it was poor. As the campus expended, with buildings like the film school funded by Steven spielberg and student housing, USC bought up more land.
          UCLA is located in a more affluent area but not free of crime or violence. I left Los Angeles 10 years ago because it was too violent. No matter the part of town I felt I would be subject to violence or harassment. I have been living happy in a northeastern city with a growing number of chinese students that are not subject to the kind of violence in LA.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Why would people care about these details? Even if they were the rich kids of coal miners, it would still suck to be killed simply for being rich.

      This just simply sucks.

  • Kai


  • Alex

    Just as foreigners (usually) do their “homework” before they visit/or live in China or any other country, so should Chinese. It’s very regrettable what happened but America and China are both like the “Wild West”. One should be careful!

    • TAKE5

      Yes, anyone that thinks China is one big happy gun-less safe country is in for a shock . I have visit twice and like most places you have to know people there it helps.

      • JSakamoto

        I’ve been to china much more than twice and based on my expereinces china is much safer in terms of violent crime than any big US city. I have also seen statistics to back up my view. I’ve walked alone at 2 am in several chinese cities and never felt the least bit threatened, something I would hesitate to do in the US. China’s not perfect and there are dangers but to say that violent crime in China even approaches that of the US is ignorant and just plain false.

        • TAKE5

          JS, china my be safe for you, but crime free was not my experince.Safer than usa? maybe i ll give you that, but not as safe as people make it out to be…no way…hahah…no way. That was not what i wittneess. I watched people violently fighting in the streets of bejing. Even on this humble web site I read about some crazy stuff.

          • JSakamoto

            Yes my only point was that it is much safer than the US, especially the cities. Everything is relative, there is no place on earth that is crime-free. There are many chinese who actually think china is more dangerous than the US as far as street crime is concerned, which I just laugh at. That is one reason why I think chinese know very little about other cultures and the mindset of non-asians.

          • G.D.

            Guns should be banned here in US. If guns were to allowed in China, the probability of gun-killing would also rise. But it’s also the death sentence regulation in China that controls the criminalities there.

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  • Jack

    How many wanna bet..The culprit was a black guy, yes, call me racist, I’m sick and tired of reverse racism. 90% of crime in America is committed by blacks.

    They have made America just like Africa no place is safe where blacks are around and why you think a stupid degree from US is gonna make your future. The degree from US is crap, you can get the same in your home. The story of US is all propaganda, stop reading main stream media. America is not like they show you on TV, the situation in America is worse than China.

    So sorry to hear the news, Please do not send your kids to US for worthless piece of paper

    • JSakamoto

      HOw do you know 90% of crime in the US is commited by blacks? Any evidence? No, didn’t think so.

      • TAKE5

        90% of the crime is comitted by 14% of the population, an US degree is worthless and chinese should keep thier kids at home?sounds like Jack dose not want chinese or any one eles in the US, he wants a border fence around the airport.

    • Sparrow

      lol. Jack, one of these racist guys trying to make everyone else racist with him. Just because your parents failed you doesn’t mean the American education system is a failure. Obviously my comment is written with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Versus your comment, which leaves more than a little intelligence to be desired. Please get your spelling, facts, sources, and overall attitude right before leaving your hypocrite filth on the boards lol.

      • Whatever

        Thank you guys for calling him out. And I apologize for lashing out at all white people, I know it’s not white people but just a few who do want to keep all minorities out of america, because they want to live in a homogenous society where htey are n ot confronted by the talents of other people.

        I’m just so sick of these racists and they have used the internet as a tool of propaganda to the point where people who have never even been to america now hold prejudiced stereotypes against blacks and latinos. It’s sad and pathetic.

        • M.L.

          What makes you assume ‘Jack’ is white? How do you know he isn’t Asian?

          • mr. wiener

            Be careful, apparently he has an STD.

    • Whatever

      Jack, what you just posted was a blatant lie. Majority of crime in the United States is committed by whites – especially since there are more whites in the country. More blacks are convicted PER CAPITA. And the reason for that is because whites are also given lighter sentences than blacks and other minorities when judged by a jury of their peers or the criminal system.
      Also, when viewing data on the FBI web site, where whites who were “arrested” (note, not convicted) of crime compared to the number of ALL RACES grouped together, whites in most cases had a higher percentage. For example, they might have had 771 cases of arrests alone, compared to 1800 arrests of all other race groups had earned combined. Don’t call you a racist? I am so sick of you fucking white people trying to tarnish black people not just in america, but all over the world. There are good and bad people of any race. White people are ridiculous in how they perceive themselves.


      i ALSO love how you use euphemisms to describe your filthy selves and describe other races in not so flattering terms.

      When a black person does a drug he’s a crackhead.

      When a white person does a drug, he’s “partying”.

      When it comes to statistics, it’s not what they show, it’s what they hide. Like white people have said for years that “70% of black children are born out of to single mothers”. What they neglected to mention was that, a study was performed on around 300,000 + births in the year 2006. The story did not mention whether the women were engaged or if they married a year or even a few days later. What it counted was the woman’s marital status at the time of giving birth. now whites have perpetuated the lie that 70% of ALL black children are born out of wedlock, another lie and myth that has morphed into fact based on a one year study in 2006 that didn’t poll all of the black women who gave birth that year nor cared to follow their marital status AFTER they had given birth. Many women in america are engaged and have b abies and marry later.

      White people have spread lies and rumors about blacks for years to the point where black reputations have been irreparably harmed on a global level. I fucking hate these people sometimes.

      You ARE a fucking racist. There is no such thing as reverse racism, simply because we are calling you what you are. Asshole. P.S. Put something to back up a statement like that if you are going to make up.

      Most serial killers are WHITE MEN
      Most serial pedophiles, are WHITE MEN (and that includes your catholic priests)

      Here are some stats about crime in the United States (this is from 2010, Data from 2011 isn’t fully complete as yet):
      From the most reputable source available:

      ■In 2010, the estimated number of violent crime offenses was 1,246,248, a decrease of 6.0 percent from the 2009 estimate.
      ■All violent crime offense estimates decreased in 2010 when compared with the 2009 estimates. Robberies dropped 10.0 percent; forcible rapes declined 5.0 percent; murders were down 4.2 percent; and aggravated assaults decreased 4.1 percent.
      ■The 2010 violent crime rate was 403.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, a decrease of 6.5 percent when compared with the 2009 violent crime rate.
      ■Violent crime rates for 2010 declined in all offense categories when compared with rates for 2009.
      ■In 2010, the murder rate was 4.8 per 100,000 inhabitants, a 4.8 percent decrease when compared with the rate for the previous year.
      ■The estimated number of property crimes in 2010 was 9,082,887, a 2.7 percent decrease from the 2009 estimate.
      ■The 2010 property crime rate was 2,941.9 per 100,000, down 3.3 percent when compared with the 2009 rate.
      ■The estimated number of motor vehicle thefts decreased 7.4 percent and larceny-theft and burglary decreased 2.4 percent and 2.0 percent, respectively.

      • M.L.

        I agree ‘Jack’ is an ass, but you have no moral authority to call him out since you are every bit as racist as he is.

        Also, I’ve only seen this one post by ‘Jack’ and he doesn’t while he does say bad things about blacks there is nothing there to indicate he’s white. How do you know he’s not simply an Asian who hates blacks?

        Sounds like you need to get laid.

      • justina

        God bless you my dear.
        White domination is numbered. They discriminated against Black People, They refused to give jobs to blacks, they never give equal opportunities. Now they are saying we are lazy, we have less IQ. And they will turn around and say unemployment is high among blacks.There is a saying that the devil gives work to the “free hands”. What is happening now is a clear case of hate. They want us to be poor so that can always dominate. Visit websites in China and you will see that they written boldly in red ink that BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD NOT APPLY FOR JOBS, THEY WANT ONLY WHITE SKINNED FOREIGNER. IN SOME PLACES WHERE SOME ARE LUCKY TO GET JOBS, WHITES RECEIVE HIGHER SALARIES THAN BLACKS FOR DOING THE SAME AMOUNT OF WORK.
        Only time will tell.

    • GodsHammer

      Hey shit stain…did you ever think that the kid may have been involved in something that was bigger than ‘carjacking’? After all, who shoots a car that they want when they could just slap the skinny boy outta the ride and drive off? Looks much more like an execution to me…a hit. I’ve seen students get in trouble for many reasons…drug debts, gambling debts (asians seem predisposed to this trouble), and fraud to name a few.
      I won’t address the racism factor to your post because it was adeptly handled below.

    • cb4242

      You are just talking out of your ass. You are denegrading and making generalizations about a group of people which you have zero substantial proof to back it up!
      You need to shut up, because you are making yourself look stupid making up false accusations like that!

    • Justin

      I would bet my life that 100 percent of statistics Jack uses in debates come directly from his rectum.

      Oh and to quote Homer Simpson, “Statistics can be used to prove anything. 70 percent of people know that.”

  • ABC

    Michael Jackon, Zach Efron(The Lucky One), Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, all have one thing in common! They’ve all had nose jobs.

    • Kai

      LoL, what the random?

  • Tie Ridge

    Dumb ass If you go to America be ready for any thing. There are more murders per day an not just big citys than China will see in 6 years mabe even more. America has many crimanils of every color an nationality Oh yes encluding Chinez crimanils.

    • GodsHammer

      Just because SHanghai and other well-lit large Chinese ‘window cities’ have less REPORTED violent crime on a daily basis doesn’t mean that the rest of China does. I personally knew a guy who was kidnapped and then killed because he wasn’t willing to empty his parents bank account. I’ve known many victims of purse-snatching, and armed robbery (knives are WEAPONS too), and even one foreign victim of attempted rape (by a complete stranger in a public park no less).
      Then there is the general level of thievery, domestic violence and drunken fighting (no different than anywhere else)… that goes unreported. And even if the police are involved, the aggressor can usually pay the victim and get off without a formal charge.
      It’s not that safe… even if the cops are involved.

    • M.L.

      Silly comparison; of course there’s less violent crime in China, it’s a police state. Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, and Mussolini’s Italy also had little violent crime (aside from those committed by the government of course).



  • Laowai

    You should ALWAYS drive with a loaded gun where it is easily accessible. Always be aware of your sorroundings. At least thats the way we do it in South Texas.

    • G.D.

      The thing is, guns should be banned here in US.

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  • AsiansWearFur

    Disgusting American “Free Media” and all the bastard State Department sponsored “overseas Chinese news sites” fastidiously and shamelessly reported that Ming Qu and Ying Wu were in a new “$60,000.00 BMW”, alluding to them “asking for trouble”. Fcuking bu11$sh1t American and krappy overseas Chinese “free news” media-manipulation stop brainwashing our democracy with incessant lies: Ming Qu, owner of the BMW, is not a “fuerdai”, and spent a relatively paltry $10,000.00 on the 10 year old Beemer. Ying Wu and Ming Qu were outstanding Human Beings excelling in academics, and their valuable Electrical Engineering and international backgrounds will never be realized in the the further progress of our society. To perfectly good and talented souls lost to fcuking bu11$h1t, and their story slandered by bu11$sh1t “news and information channels” like BBC, CNN, chinahush, NTDTV, chinasmack and all the other dirty BS.

    • Rensi

      You might feel better if you read the third comment by me on this post as well as this post:

      chinaSMACK selects the most representative comments by the Chinese netizens to translate, which does not necessarily mean that it agrees with all those comments. If some inappropriate comments could really make the readers think about how they could avoid the same mistakes, those comments would be worth translating.

  • Mark Zoe


  • selang

    welcome to the land of opportunity.

    how can you translate


    into chinese?

  • 20 bucks says the shooters were black.

    Any takers?


    Come on I need money.

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