Chinese KTV Girls: 6-Figure Salaries Make Education Optional

Chinese KTV girls.

Is it just me or are Chinese girls increasingly harder to talk to, especially the pretty ones?

We’ve hopped around the Gong-ti area and you see scores of pretty attractive girls, on their cellphones all night sitting at tables with these guys not really engaged in any sort of conversation. Are they being paid for their presence? I’m not sure but they don’t look like they’re having much fun. Maybe they are, just on Angry Birds.

They make me miss Texas girls.

So is this how Chinese society is trending these days? I mean, look at these KTV girls, that get 400-800 RMB a night each for chilling and drinking with the new found wealthy men (or boys) of China. Do some simple math and that’s an annual salary of 96K to 192K RMB, working 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Pretty friggin’ good for a 21 year old! Pretty friggin’ good for any year old! Strippers in America must be damn jealous that these girls are paid a shit-load for doing 1/10 of the work. Shit, I’m actually jealous and might start one for the new found wealthy women of China.

Rows and rows of KTV girls in China.

But the overall message that’s being sent to these girls is that make-up in heels and a short dress is your best friend and that education is optional. I think the smart ones will hopefully go to school with the money they’ve earned, but like they say, how many strippers don’t have a drug problem (will someone look up the actual figures)?

Now, I don’t have the stats of the % of population of Chinese girls that KTV places employ, but if you filter that sample size to include only the “attractive” girls in their prime, you might find that figure to be surprising because I don’t know what bar is set at the KTV employment office, but from what I can tell, it isn’t very exclusive.

So if you’re swinging for the fences and you want that smoking hot girl that’s also enrolled in med school, you might have an increasingly harder time in China. Not saying every pretty girl in China is a gold digger or unintelligent, but these KTV girls are definitely not helping. Post-90 babies would rather work on perfecting their makeup technique than on academics. And why should they when they can be dolled up to make a 6-figure salary versus competing with the 1 million college grads that flood the job market each year?

Rows of Chinese girls working for a KTV in China.

I think I just painted a pretty unflattering picture of Chinese women and a bleak one for Chinese men, but unfortunately, I feel China is trending to this sad truth. The current criteria for marriage in China are housing, a job (or career) and personality, in that order. I have 3 male cousins all in their mid to late twenties. Two are still unemployed which basically means that getting a girlfriend will prove to be difficult given the current equations. Chinese parents these days frankly can’t afford more than one child even if they wanted and would prefer girls. Have you checked housing prices recently in Beijing and Shanghai?

Okay, so KTV girls do not represent all girls in China, and they are not the root of all evil. But give it 10 more years and let’s recheck that statement. I don’t want to pigeon-hole this KTV concept too much but it’s a small crack in a tectonic shift towards the moral failure of a society. This is where a lot of foreigners fail to understand China without being Chinese. Sure you can live in China for a couple of years, get a job here, even date a Chinese girl but few will ever understand the plight that Chinese families go through. Bribery is a way of life and don’t believe anyone that tells you differently. Someone questioned if I had proof that China is getting ever more so superficial. China is a country where resumes require headshots, discrimination laws basically do not exist for the average joe/joette, and when you get a “job”, most are hired only in 1-3 year contracts and Chinese television shows like 非你莫属 [Fei Ni Mo Shu] give cute girls a job for knowing how to dance like a Korean pop-star. Maybe this is why no one has ever really fantasized about the “China Dream” like they do with the “American Dream”.

China has a widening wealth gap. You knew that. China has an extremely tough job market. You kinda knew that too. Sure, both are seen as byproducts of a clockwork double-digit growth Chinese economy but what’s been lost over the years is a sense of love. I can’t help but feel that everyone’s after my money and after your money. Does anyone else feel that way? Sure, it’s capitalism, but damn, 800 bones for one karaoke session is pretty steep, even if your girl is very cute.

Word of advice though, don’t get hustled into buying her flowers. Worst money you’ll ever spend. Stay away from KTV girls. They’re dangerous, and be careful when you’re in China. It could corrupt you.

Girls at a KTV in China.

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  • bill rich

    You and I know that these KTV girls do more than sitting, drinking, dancing and singing. So they make way more than hundreds of yuan a night. Their annual income, mostly untaxed, exceeds 6 digits.

    • It’s also a dangerous and difficult job… I doubt their “overtime work” is well supported in terms of health and safety, especially when there are so many other pretty girls willing to take your place if you complain.

    • Wallimo

      Ever think that these girls are kidnapped and basically sex slaves that most of the money they are making isn’t going to mamma sans, that they are forced into situations where they are sexually abused and raped. Maybe some sit on the streets talking on the phone but that’s the lucky ones. Human trafficking is a huge problem in china. I think your article is really insensitive and quite sexist, not as bad as “women who wear revealing clothes deserved to be raped” but still misses the fact that they might be doing this against there will!

      • Snarl

        Wallimo, only a very daft person couldn’t tell the difference between a self-interested gold digging KTV hostess and a sex slave. Everyone is aware of the human rights dilemma in China in the sex trade in particular, but even if you visited the seediest parlors and saunas from Shanghai to Lhasa, you’d probably never come across even one sex slave. In other words, they are vastly outnumbered by girls who are willing to enter the industry for personal gain, and what’s more, they are typically trafficked into different types of establishments, mostly catering to repeat customers. We’ve heard that finger-wagging rhetoric so much that most of us just get annoyed when people spout off on those holier-than-thou guilt trips.

  • James

    True to the last word. I totally agree, the moral side of society is slowly becoming crowded over pressure to kake money, especially the young who support an upside-down family pyramid.
    If i had a chinese daughter, it would be goodbye old “middle-country” and hello daddy daughter councelling.

  • hooots

    “make-up in heels and a short dress is your best friend and that education is optional”

    been true since the beginning of time…

    Don’t hate!

  • hooots

    “be careful when you’re in China. It could corrupt you.”
    So fucking true man. The most corrupt place on Earth. Someone please argue with me…

    Great article man.

    I think what it all comes down to is that basically, human lives are disposable in China. So, there’s no protection, no rule of law, and it’s totally kill or be killed and that’s cool. If you can get money, then you are the coolest kid in school. It doesn’t matter how it comes but if you come home stackin cash then you win. Grandpa and pops are drunk again.

  • Pat

    “Average Zhou”?

  • Wu

    This article reads more like a complaint about middle class foreign unable to attract top quality girl because their money is no longer good enough. Top girls are attracted to money, power, status, they know that they have limited amount of years before their beauty will be gone. So of course they will be going for the richest, most powerful guy she can catch. It used to be any and all foreigners, but now it’s the rich chinese guys inside China. Same shit happened to USSR back in the mid 90s-00s. No biggie.

    • cHei

      THIS comment exactly sums up what the article is truly about.
      Middle class ABC expats thought they’ll be hot stuff in China, thought they have the advantage, thought they are oh so specials….turns out they got the cold shoulder treatment because they aren’t desirable at all.

      Unless you’re cute (Takeshi kaneshiro cute) or white, the Chinese girls working at these places (massage/ktv/hostess club) aren’t gonna bother with you. It’s work for them, it’s effort to fake interest and attention to someone un-cute and got no serious big $$ to afford their kept mistress lifestyle.

      And why would you want to date KTV girls anyway?

      • Peter

        Gold digging isn’t unique to East Asia, but it is far worse here. It has almost been institutionalized. Nearly everyone has accepted and internalized rabid materialism. In some other countries around the world people still value love and romantic idealism.

        Actually, ABCs and other foreigners in China benefit from this mess! For example, I may be a fat middle aged balding man and not particularly handsome, but I can still get girls (much younger than me) to be interested in me, simply because those around me are so relatively poor and some of them are also interested in “exotic” foreigers. They may not be the most beautiful girls (and I usually don’t pursue the girls who take an interest in me) but they are sure a heck of a lot better than what I could have had in the USA.

        …and no, I certainly wouldn’t be interested in talking to a KTV girl. I am far too idealistic… though it is true that China has begun to corrupt me.

        • too yellow

          my god you guys need to hang with better quality people…….

    • ScottLoar

      I couldn’t agree more. No biggie but sour, sour grapes. And looking for love in all the wrong places like a KTV invites swindle and bankruptcy, no matter what country. Come to think of it, not many expats in China can afford that kind of ride no matter how “pretty” the girl.

  • ab

    Stay away from KTV girls. They’re dangerous, and be careful when you’re in China. It could corrupt you.

    yea so damn true…… its not just that ,anything in China can corrupt you.

  • dim mak

    They’re like bar hostesses, shallow and materialistic and you can’t date them seriously
    If you ever hook up with one just fuck n chuck before they ask you to buy stuff for them or something
    Or just stay away from them, that’s probably better

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    Maroon 5 – Woman

  • Jason

    I’ve hooked with three KTV girls.

    First one was just 16 years old from Mongolia. She had a 30something boyfriend/benefactor who paid her a stipend & and an apartment in Xuhui. She was cheating on him with me. We would go out and party 4+ times a week with a posse of her girlfriends.

    Second one was 20 from Henan or something. Very nice skin but wouldn’t stop talking. My dad’s girlfriend thought I was lonely in China so she paid her 2000 RMB to have sex with me. Sex was meh (she was actually very inexperienced). She called me up a few months later asking to hang out.

    Third one was 22 from Yunnan. She probably saw me as a possible way out of her situation. She hated her job at the KTV and hated sleeping with clients, but did it anyway. We hooked up a few times and as soon as it was apparent I wasn’t going to marry her & give her a green card, she told me to never call her again.

    Conclusion: KTV girls do not have an easy life. Even with 500 RMB a night, they still have to whore themselves out to make rent. They’re only pretty for a short period of their lives, and they have to spend this time flirting & fucking ugly old businessmen. Just like any other girl, they all hope for a young prince charming to rescue them from their situation, but it mostly doesn’t happen because they automatically get a reputation for being prostitutes.

    • dim mak

      Do so many of them actually go and sleep with the clients? I thought most were just company for lonely men where they work

      • Choonage

        Only one way to find out.

    • sunnyG

      so hang on a second…knowing fully well that they screw and suck off old oily balding businessmen, you still went ahead and made out with not one, but three of them? props to you my friend

  • TAKE5

    I visited a ktv room last week for first time ever. It was a private room with a hugh screen, almost floor to ceiling. There were 3 ktv girls and one hostess. The hostess was not that attractive which surprised me. She looked like a well dressed 19 year old house maid. ( maybe the owner was doing her father a favor.

    Two girls were very attractive…fun personalities 25 years old and did not speak a lick of english…maybe they were a 6 or7. But the one that was a 9 or 10 was a 30 year old english teacher. Pleasant engaging and fun. She spoke with me because it was her job but also i was the only American in the room. After talking with her i realized she was a hot 30 year old that was going to ride this money train out as long as she could. And I could not blame her one bit. What other options had she found?

  • In China:
    -wealth is the only real moral compass
    -personal dignity is easily sacrificed for personal gain
    -people use what they have to survive

    The KTV girl phenomenon is just one inevitability of this. And honestly, who can blame them?

    There’s a saying in China: Don’t laugh at prostitutes; laugh at poor people. In a culture like this, I can only see this attitude becoming more prolific.

    • JSakamoto

      I agree with the values but I’d rather laugh at prostitutes than poor people. At least poor people don’t denigrate themselves like whores. To me unless the situation is dire, being a whore is the lowest, filthiest profession. I have no respect for them since I don’t respect people who don’t respect themselves.

      I have another saying I like to live by: I’d rather die on my feet then live on my knees.
      I guess these KTV girls feel the opposite.

      • Blars

        “At least poor people don’t denigrate themselves like whores” eh so these girls obviously comes from rich families? “I have no respect for them since I don’t respect people who don’t respect themselves” how do you know that they don’t repect themselves. I knew a mama-san a long time ago. She actually came from a decent family with a bit of money and their own businesses. I asked why she wanted to be a prostitute and she said “It’s what I do best” Now, do you think she has respect for herself or not? I mean she could make money in their family business but she was not interested, she wanted to have sex and make money. Who can knock that? Sounds pretty good to me. And at the end of the day, we all get paid for doing something for someone else, does that make us all whores?

  • Jay K.

    Hey I love me some texas girls! I plan on settling down in texas someday.

    Good article, stay away room ktv girls, never been to one and wouldn’t want to hook up with one.

  • sumchinesegrl

    You sound like a bitter ABC (LOSER) dude who whines about Asian women.

    China holds the title for the world’s most female billionaires.

    I guess you’re right! Chinese women are only just about heels and makeup! We’re all just a bunch of stupid sluts! You ABCs are a bunch of simple minded pack of retards. Stay out of China!

    • No Brain

      Yes so are you “Real” Chinese girls, you girls love money and white men yay!!! Bravo for you!!! Why don’t you try to find a fat and bald-headed white man who’s 30 yrs older than you so not only you’ll be a rich chinese woman, you’ll soon be a rich chinese woman with a green card!!! woot woot

      • no brainer

        no brain says dumb things. I think this whole racial thing is really getting old. not all asian wants to leave asia now since america is really sliding down in terms of economy.

    • J

      why are you so uptight and emotional over this article? just let him say whatever he wants. well, nothing’s wrong with what he’s saying. he wrote based on his experience. yes, there’s no need for you to agree and he’s not really expecting you to do so. but there’s no need to get angry and bitter over it. get over it. i’m a ‘sum chinese girl’ ;)

  • There you go again, being very hard on yourselves. Maybe this is because you have blinders on or maybe you are suffering from lack of information. It is not clear that these girls are prostitutes and your lack of self esteem paints them so. What is wrong showing young girls, many of whom have no role model how to behave in a commercial environment where a clean, bright, well-dressed, handsome smiling face will open the door everytime. In America, we have half-dressed “booth babes” scattered across serious business conventions everywhere. We also have pornography conventions that take it to another level. Amercan girls are generally raised to be that face I described but they all will take the ugliest rich man over the most handsome worker. This is true worldwide due to a woman’s dependence on survival over the millennia. Plus, they quickly find out that the quickest way to get ahead is to bed someone in power. This is not a Chinese phenomena so give yourselves a break until it is proven that they are training to be prostitutes. Have you ever heard of Geishas? It is considered to be an honorable profession that involves more discipline and training than you and I would likely be unwilling to endure. @provocateur52

  • Tony

    But their $$$ is not going to last forever. What gona to happen when they run out of $$$, old, not skill nor qualification? I ponder.

  • Everybody take a time out! Here I am in the US begging you to have more self-esteem, then I read about that poor two-year old girl being repeatedly run over and ignored by passersby. I conclude that this is a real problem that must be dealt with, especially if citizens are afraid to assist brothers and sisters in dire need of help because they are frightened about the consequences. I don’t know what to say other than THIS topic has suddenly become quite irrelevant. I weep for you and don’t you dare call me a sap.

  • david

    ktv or not. these girls are shameful. they should have got off their asses and done something productive in their lives.
    what they do is shame themselves, families and country.

    im glad i hate ktvs. the music sucks by the way and singing here is just for fun. music for me is pure heart and soul.

    can’t trade that for a piece of ass.

  • Curious

    where’s that K in the pics with all the girls wearing the same uniform?

  • KenfromCanada

    I dont think this is any sign of moral ‘degradation’. China has always had KTV girls in one form or another.

    Girls that drink with customers and then offer sex has been documented in various works of literature that stretch back hundreds if not thousands of years.

    Establishments such as modern KTV’s are just the current manifestation of an old Chinese custom and is ingrained into the culture of China and as long as the girls are doing it willingly (ie they are not the victims of trafficking and forced prostitution) then I really dont see anything wrong with it. Sure there are risks with the job, but what other work can offer so much money with no education?

    Of course Im not supporting it, they are all somebody’s daughters but I have to admit that in a society like China the kind that doesnt offer much social assistance for low income families, seedy things like KTVs and KTV girls exist and probably for good reason.

    • dim mak

      He means that girls in general are becoming more KTV-ish
      Most girls are still pretty wholesome, but he’s sorta right it happens in the big cities

      Then again Derek’s posts read like a frat boy’s superficial judgments on women and how to “get” what kind of girl.

      Derek, how old are you man?

  • justAreader

    I couldn’t read it to the end. First being that pretty to be paid for being pretty is not “no work”. Second this is totally not a funny job, I would never change it for my quite normal work of writing code. Third, being pretty is not forever. If they don’t think about their education they will have a fucking bad life 5 years in the future. Fourth u should probably just get laid. That seems to be ur problem.

  • xudi

    lol KTV girls?!?! maybe 10% are KTV girls, the rest do a little more than sing and clap haha

    My friend makes a lot of money doing this, it is very sad.

  • Sunshine

    Those who are able to realize that you can only hold this job for so long (as your beauty and time permits) would not opt out of education for this. And those who are unable to realize the shortness of the lifespan of this type of jobs will probably not have what it takes to go through with education anyway.
    Wait what?

    • xudi

      Not the case. My friend has finished her degree, speaks 3 languages and is well travelled. She does not have a rich family or husband but likes to make a good wage. now she makes more than pretty much every chinese guy I know. it’s not an ideal job and I don’t agree with it but you seem to be pretty ignorant about this. the reality is it pays better.

      • TAKE5

        Good point, the ktv girl I met seemed very well educated, spoke perfect english was an English teacher… as if that was not enough was totally charming and beautiful.
        She was 30 and knew what she was doing….she had it together, this girl was not living in poverty, i do think she was on the hunt for a husband…but what single 30 year old is not?

  • Lena

    were you corrupted by them? hehe, jK

  • donttalkcrap

    Seriously?? get some facts before writing such drivvle, you are obviously some sad pathetic idiot who is desperate for sex “Is it just me or are Chinese girls increasingly harder to talk to, especially the pretty ones?” No they are not stupid and no exactly what you are like, go find a real hooker and get syphalis or get a life and go back to Texas you sweaty ugly beast!



  • Karan Bhatia

    Ohk, so India is not alone in being a money-mad society, the situation is similar in China. I’m loving this site CHinasmack, it is giving me more realistic views of China. In India too, people are wrongly respecting wealthy no matter if it is ill-gotten, as long as you have money you are respected. If you are idealistic and stick to the right path but have less money you will get looked at as some criminal, while the actual criminals who are doing day-light robbery are looked at as princes. This is leading to a whole shift, the ugly easily-corrupted dark skinned lowlives are becoming the princes. Call me a racist if you like but i see it with my eyes, the darker people are more corrupt and more shameless than the fairer people. It’s all about money and using money the corrupt are overshadowing the honest.

    • hehe A3

      “the darker people are more corrupt and more shameless than the fairer people.”——-Are u trying to tell us Indians are Shameless & Corrupt than Chinese? V all know U indians have dark skin.

  • Southernorthener

    You guys actually have all the facts but kinda lose sight of reality..

    Ive been in china for years.. i have a regular blog but its a rated since i have a normal life i lead that is quite in the spotlight so to speak..but i actually want to write this down desperately..

    i have anoher life in the north of china.

    Its hard to explain, and sort of unbeleievable, even for me at times, but im going to go out on a ledge here since i cant change a whole nations opinion, but i can at least share my experiences with you folk and hope that someone listens…

    Here it goes..

    Im basically like a pimp…a real nice pimp, and i work in the ktv and security industry when im not doing my day job..and im a foreigner.

    It sounds so different than it actually is though…

    First off…let me just correct some wrongs and wrong some writes..

    1. They arent forced into ktv…2. The money is certainly theirs, only some goes to the mommies, but the cash they get in their hands is theirs. 3. Not all are what we call “chu tai de”, which means that go out, for secs, The ones that do go out range from old and desperate with a pimp, or young and horny without a pimp and all the variations in between. So remember..they are not all hookers..why would they be when there are saunas every other block with actual skilled sex workers?

    What happened to me was that i started doing business with a guy that had a factory but was actually a gangster..or not even a gangster, where im from gangsters have guns and they are ruthless..these guys are a bunch of semi successful middle aged men who have groups of young guys from anhui, henan, dongbei just buzzing around them with shaved heads gold chains and nike sneaks.. They get paid to protect them from..i dont even know what..and they live in dorms like little goons working for the man, but hardly any of them can fight, and only if you have thirty of them with machetes to they actually become dangerous..

    So this one guy i was doing business with is friends with a big ktv owner, another balding “gangstar”..whos got like fifty boys who all work security for the ktv..ud be surprised about how much they get used..So i became a relative leiutenant in the ranks of these boys, and the cheersing and the free ciggies never stop flowing from the ranks upwards..

    I happen to come from a quite voilent upbringing and actually was a real little thug, petty shit though growing up in the gahettos of the states.. But unthinkable for some ot these so called for me fitting in with this crowd was natural..although i myself have changed my ways, and i stopped to steal cheat or..well lets leave it at that.

    So i gets hooked up with a ktv girl, my family is in the south of course, chinese wife kids, the lot..

    Shes super young and she doesnt fuck for money.. She takes the 400 rmb a night and spends it pretty fast but takes care of her drunken father and grandparents..the mom is in sechuan somewhere and doesnt give a flying fuk..

    So since i was being taken to ktv every night by the chinese bosses for like eight months, i basically would help her get paid..and help her to book the room, which they get perks for..she was damn hot, and everyone wanted to bang her, but no one knew she was actually just 17, standing taller than i, at 5’10.

    She was totally in love with her current boyfriend that had gone to japan, and was actually supporting him by working at ktv..but he was there..i was here..basically though we hit it off because in this city i, was a foreigner , but i was doing business, and getting taken out by gangsters and business people every ..basically she only started to like me because i wasnt just an english teacher, aka i had money, and i had friends that could help her if she got into trouble..
    To make a long story short, i got an apartment, with four rooms, went back to the south, came back , and four of her gfs were staying in the house..all known prozzies..even one that i possibly have done, i could never be sure if it was actually her, at any rate she never caused any grief with the lil missus..little wife..xiao lao pou..the new mamasan in town.

    Everyone in the city( in the game) started to hear that she was getting them business and shed get a in fact it was her who started the pimpstressing..but later when my big bro found out, he told me to be careful and gave me the numbers to a few boys that would come if anything went down and i kinda took over in the protection area..eventually things did go down ..when a guy didnt wanna pay and kept a girl in a hotel room..suffice to say the ending was not pretty..for him, and i started receiveing extra income

    Going forward mor, and back to the conversation at hand …its business..they all know what they are involved in and the cash is theirs to keep..the cut to the pimp is actually protection fee, and its not nearly as exorbitant as it is in the states..its actually pretty legit..most the girls are all pulled from the hometowns and some go on to open clothes and make up shops..which my ktv girl eventually ended up doing..

    The nasty part is there though..and there are clients that want the girls to do ice with them before secs..huge cost though and usually there are boys nearby..but then again, there are girls who choose to do that since in one night u can make four nights money..

    Its strange i know..and i dont know exactly how i got involved , but i did..then theres a whole world of djs! That actually make almost as much as the girl but they only clean up and pour drinks! Those are great to date..also ktv s themselves range from nasty groupon secs in the room to fucking 30000 rmb bottles of lafitte and all college educated girls…lafitte mixed with sprite…

    Ud be surprised alot of these places the girls go to school, work on and off…its up to them, they get multiple males all paying things for them, which in my opinion…more power to them..they are not all bimbos and hoes..thats were some of you are wrong..they are not all slaves..and the work can range from easy to difficult, sadly directly correlative with their appearances..some ktvs you can grab them anywhere you want and the mamasans scream at them to be more open…others, the boys will come in and beat the shit out of you if you touch the wrong this case my girl..its wierd that people actually pay up and beyond a hundred usd just for the company but for their sake..thats their newfound cash culture…whether its right or not its too early to tell.. But then again look at our potato chip eating fatty couch surfing culture we have..that we basically got the same way. By being a developing nation that eventually has a bunch of people getting exactky what they wabt since they got the cash to spend..

    U know the problem i see is that alot of foreigners cant and will never be able to see the real truth..

    One, because talking a minumum expenditure of over ten thousand rmb a night at some of these places… And two, because to actually know if shes smart or not, or if she knows what the hell shes doing.. you have to be able to speak with her..and not conversational talking speaking in shanghainese for hours upon hours finding out what this person has up there..thats when you get the real picture..and sadly those foreigners are few and far between…im one of them, and funnily enough i never asked to be, but i have a nack for languages..and hustlin..

    Just know that the ktv world is way more complex than it seems..and that with everything in life stereotypes exist for a reason, but there will always be exceptions to that rule..and in china..exceptions can be millions of girls who know exactly what they are doing and are taling advantage of rich mens horny tendencies and deserve a little more respect than most tend to give them.. I got a lot of respect for them gyals..

    • Southernorthener

      Oh and i fogot to say..i didnt know she was 17 either ! Hahahahah

      Anyway…i know im no saint..and rereading this im wondering why the fuck i just said all that to a bunch of yall strangers..but thing is i think i got a pretty unique outlook round these parts..and i read diaspora and china smack allday..thing is i never comment, because i got funny grammar due to a lack of formal edumacation..and im always a bit scared of being misunderstood or laughed at ..never found something i really wanted to comment about until now…

      Diaspora is funny though..cuz i feel like backwards diaspora..ive been here so long all my foreigner friends tell me ive become chinese..and i came here so young and stupid, that i basically grew up im not even fully american, so i dont feel american, thats for sure..and to top it all off i live fully the point where people think im chinese?! They all think im xinjiangy..its kind of the end ..chinese culture seems to go over the heads of the chinese so much that i would find it fucking hard for most foreigners or abcs or whatever to fully get it after a year or two or even five living here..also its so layered…theres cultures for every class ..for every province for every city! Theres languages for fuck sake between can expect huge culture differences aswell..china reminds me alot of america actually..,just more open about there americaness than even americans..cheating lying backstabbing bribery violence prostitution drugs….its what america was built on..yet know that weve kind of cleaned up certain aspects of our western lives we are here to point piss and shit in the general direction of the big red brother yeah?

      I dont know..its all fucked isnt it.

      • Southernorthener,

        Your insights were huge in spite of your “lack of formal edumacation.” Priceless!

        Please don’t be shy and comment away! If you are for real, observations from your dual role carry a lot of weight and are REALLY interesting.

      • hooots

        I second that! Your stories and insight are really valuable and don’t worry bout anya them haters who might make fun of your verbage. Your stories, opinions, and ideas are really cool for others of us who live in China to hear. Keep em comin. Also, comment away on the chinaSMACK portion as well.

        Much love man!

      • ScottLoar

        “U know the problem i see is that alot of foreigners cant and will never be able to see the real truth..”

        But not you, huh? Not you, who claims to be in China more than 5 years, speaks Chinese (Mandarin, it it?) so well everyone thinks you’re Chinese, travels with a tough local crowd and somehow, without access to fistfuls of ready cash or any advantage that attracts people just out to score, makes the KTV scene, becoming a real insider.

        “You guys actually have all the facts but kinda lose sight of reality..”

        You’ve proven to be another one – and this time a foreigner – revealing “the reality” of China to all the outsiders. Say, you’re in your late 20’s maybe? Perhaps younger?

        “chinese culture seems to go over the heads of the chinese so much that i would find it fucking hard for most foreigners or abcs or whatever to fully get it after a year or two or even five living here..”, but then you give the sum of your profound insights:

        “china reminds me alot of america actually..,just more open about there americaness than even americans..”

        Yeah. Right. Sure.

        “I dont know..its all fucked isnt it.”

        That’s the most honest comment you made, and a fair indication as to where you’re heading.

  • liz

    i don’t think they are pretty look so empty whit silly smile and no sense how to dress walk or talk.. no much brains is there they just look to get married special for western man but i hope man see true it is not all about how they look (Cheep) but it is what they have more to offer but silly lough lots of legs whit no test how to dress girls try to get education and learn to walk and talk like smart women not like silly no brains girls..
    just friendly advice form observer …

  • Tristan

    Favor of the month, in which the following month or next, they are to hunt for a new prey cos they are been disposed of. We are talking about millions of gals in China. Give them 5-8 years, beauty fades, let’s see what they can achieve then, no trade skills whatsoever. We the ones whom strive for an honest living will have the last laugh.

  • Dalaomei

    China’s KTV Girls are awesome!!!!

  • Darren P

    This should not be a China endemic alone, sadly this is the world that we live in now where everyone is brought up to worship wealth, irregardless of the means to acquire them.

  • Leo

    You have to think of things in the long run. The point is, they can only keep this job up for 5 years maximum. When they inevitably become haggard from all those late nights of partying, drinking and whoring themselves, they will be tossed out on the gutter only for some new pretty little thing to replace them.

    With no college education, no qualifications, no money and most likely a rather sordid reputation amongst the town, what will they can they do after that? Careers based on appearances or sex are generally short lived and often have rather tragic ends.

  • Bob Dillon

    There is one thing noticeably absent in this thread. I have been to many KTV’s. Reason: I love to sing. I absolutely love it. I have friends who love it. I understand you have to ASK for a girl or girls if your party wants them. It is a choice of the men to have or not to have a KTV girl with them. Am I corrupted if I ask a girl to sit with me? No but then why the hell would I is my frst question unless I wanted something more …to sit and do what? Mehhhh…Ill continue to go because I love to sing….no other reason for me.

  • Michael Veritas

    “I don’t want to pigeon-hole this KTV concept too much but it’s a small crack in a tectonic shift towards the moral failure of a society.”

    Soooo true. However, I would say the foreigners who speak fluent Chinese and have spent considerable time in the Mainland are acutely aware of this as well. It hit me so hard that I am currently writing a book based on this very idea of how the tectonic social-economic shift in China without proper moral foundation is leading to a wild and scary shift in the country that could be leading the world halfway through this century. But I’m telling it through the 三陪小姐 and 二奶 because… what says it better?

    Sure keeps a lot of young migrant girls employed though…

  • Derek Xu

    Anyone who has to pay for a ktv girl is a loser because clean university girls can be had for free.

  • bman

    I have been with many ktv girls and have befriended some and have tried to get them to stop this degrading work but money talks.

    Its sad to watch them live these double/ triple lives playing dudes off for money. Some girls i know have acquired units, cars and plenty more the 6 figures. When i ask them whats they plan for the future tell me that Malaysia. Twice the money for pretty Chinese girls

    Good article.

  • davd

    if you refer to a KTV girl. who cares what they make.
    money doesn’t get respect.

  • stevelaudig

    空头? or just making the easy money but why try to describe a group of tens of thousands of individuals by essentializing them?

  • Johnny Wang

    I laugh at all the talk of Chinese girls. Japanese girls are 10x hotter and are waay classier (with good passport) and easy to meet.

    • tawhaki

      nope, in general japanese girls are ugly with little eyes, no eyelashes, no boobs, short stubby legs and horrible teeth

  • Vicki Poo

    Former editor/Publisher of Bangkok’s nightlife magazine
    Night-girls are all the same everywhere. They suck cash out of lonely men’s pockets. In Thailand too. There are more than tens of thousand in and around Bangkok. Some of them too, make more than 6 figure income a month but only a few know how to save. Each one make more than a thousand a night, some many thousands. Half are fools, half are smart. Smarter ones work a few years and left after making enough money to start small businesses. Bangkok has most whores in the world and has variety of night works for girls (with minimal education and mostly come from up country. Nowadays, many of them are graduates, and many are taking post graduate courses. Ktv girls are in much better position than massage girls or any other kind of bar girls. Hundreds of students do “freelance” sex work in clubs and bars and massage parlours. Don’t be surprise, like in any cities of the world, night-girls are money talked. They eat, live and always dream of big cash. No money no love- is always true.

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