Chinese KTV Girls: 6-Figure Salaries Make Education Optional

Chinese KTV girls.

Is it just me or are Chinese girls increasingly harder to talk to, especially the pretty ones?

We’ve hopped around the Gong-ti area and you see scores of pretty attractive girls, on their cellphones all night sitting at tables with these guys not really engaged in any sort of conversation. Are they being paid for their presence? I’m not sure but they don’t look like they’re having much fun. Maybe they are, just on Angry Birds.

They make me miss Texas girls.

So is this how Chinese society is trending these days? I mean, look at these KTV girls, that get 400-800 RMB a night each for chilling and drinking with the new found wealthy men (or boys) of China. Do some simple math and that’s an annual salary of 96K to 192K RMB, working 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Pretty friggin’ good for a 21 year old! Pretty friggin’ good for any year old! Strippers in America must be damn jealous that these girls are paid a shit-load for doing 1/10 of the work. Shit, I’m actually jealous and might start one for the new found wealthy women of China.

Rows and rows of KTV girls in China.

But the overall message that’s being sent to these girls is that make-up in heels and a short dress is your best friend and that education is optional. I think the smart ones will hopefully go to school with the money they’ve earned, but like they say, how many strippers don’t have a drug problem (will someone look up the actual figures)?

Now, I don’t have the stats of the % of population of Chinese girls that KTV places employ, but if you filter that sample size to include only the “attractive” girls in their prime, you might find that figure to be surprising because I don’t know what bar is set at the KTV employment office, but from what I can tell, it isn’t very exclusive.

So if you’re swinging for the fences and you want that smoking hot girl that’s also enrolled in med school, you might have an increasingly harder time in China. Not saying every pretty girl in China is a gold digger or unintelligent, but these KTV girls are definitely not helping. Post-90 babies would rather work on perfecting their makeup technique than on academics. And why should they when they can be dolled up to make a 6-figure salary versus competing with the 1 million college grads that flood the job market each year?

Rows of Chinese girls working for a KTV in China.

I think I just painted a pretty unflattering picture of Chinese women and a bleak one for Chinese men, but unfortunately, I feel China is trending to this sad truth. The current criteria for marriage in China are housing, a job (or career) and personality, in that order. I have 3 male cousins all in their mid to late twenties. Two are still unemployed which basically means that getting a girlfriend will prove to be difficult given the current equations. Chinese parents these days frankly can’t afford more than one child even if they wanted and would prefer girls. Have you checked housing prices recently in Beijing and Shanghai?

Okay, so KTV girls do not represent all girls in China, and they are not the root of all evil. But give it 10 more years and let’s recheck that statement. I don’t want to pigeon-hole this KTV concept too much but it’s a small crack in a tectonic shift towards the moral failure of a society. This is where a lot of foreigners fail to understand China without being Chinese. Sure you can live in China for a couple of years, get a job here, even date a Chinese girl but few will ever understand the plight that Chinese families go through. Bribery is a way of life and don’t believe anyone that tells you differently. Someone questioned if I had proof that China is getting ever more so superficial. China is a country where resumes require headshots, discrimination laws basically do not exist for the average joe/joette, and when you get a “job”, most are hired only in 1-3 year contracts and Chinese television shows like 非你莫属 [Fei Ni Mo Shu] give cute girls a job for knowing how to dance like a Korean pop-star. Maybe this is why no one has ever really fantasized about the “China Dream” like they do with the “American Dream”.

China has a widening wealth gap. You knew that. China has an extremely tough job market. You kinda knew that too. Sure, both are seen as byproducts of a clockwork double-digit growth Chinese economy but what’s been lost over the years is a sense of love. I can’t help but feel that everyone’s after my money and after your money. Does anyone else feel that way? Sure, it’s capitalism, but damn, 800 bones for one karaoke session is pretty steep, even if your girl is very cute.

Word of advice though, don’t get hustled into buying her flowers. Worst money you’ll ever spend. Stay away from KTV girls. They’re dangerous, and be careful when you’re in China. It could corrupt you.

Girls at a KTV in China.

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