To FOB or Not FOB – FOB Girls vs. Americanized Chinese Girls

FOB girls vs. Americanized Chinese girls.

I think it’s hilarious when I see Japanese porn with Chinese subtitles. You see a girl moaning “OOoooOOOooo” and it’s translated in Chinese with some actual verbiage like “你好大哦”。 I’d love to see which dictionary they pulled that translation from. Anyway, one thing that I love about the US is its melting pot of talent, and it’s not just talent, but all aspects of culture. I get this feeling that the Chinese impression of the world is very much a 井底之蛙 mentality, where what they think is real actually deviates quite a bit from reality. For example, Chinese people (like my aunt) love Korean dramas and have all these predispositions about how Korean girls are, but if you ask them if they’ve ever met or know a Korean person, the answer is usually no. I guess this is just a human characteristic, and probably happens everywhere. We tend to pass judgments based on something we think we know. Regardless, back to my point that growing up in the US and being familiar with western “dating rituals” allowed me to fully explore the breath of diversity that is women (or at least Asian women). Chinese parents are a lot more tolerant these days when it comes to dating, but let’s assume that they crack the bamboo whip and will only bless a marriage with a Chinese girl. Being the filial son that I am, I’m stuck with basically two categories of Chinese girls: Westernized or FOB.

Let me start out with what I like. Picture Sloan from Entourage, never mind the obvious physical endowments, but personality wise, she’s intelligent, has a sense of humor, adventurous and independent (until in season eight you find out that she gets a 200K monthly allowance, but by this point I’m already smitten). I love a girl you can take home to mama, but will get down in the back of a rental car. Does that resonate with you of a FOB girl? It’s a “no” based on my experience. And maybe I’m not looking in the right places in China, but a good majority of the mainland local girls do not reflect the characteristics I just described. But I mean, why should they, right? I grew up in America, I have American standards, and of course, I’ll be more attracted to Americanized girls. But I also have a lot of friends who grew up in the States, but have this natural affinity for FOB girls. With the recent newfound wealth of Chinese parents, and the influx of exchange students outwards to US universities, this line of Americanized vs FOB is not only getting contrast in a more diverse China, but the starkness can be seen in the US as well (culture and reverse culture shock I guess). So which one is more attractive?

Let’s run through an example. You’re in your late-20s and looking for something fun, but potentially serious if it’s the right girl. If you’re in Beijing you go to Vics, which has a decent mix of local girls as well as expats and exchange students alike. Similarly, if you’re in say LA and you hit up Exchange on a Saturday night, there’s a very good mix of ABC’s and fresh immigrants from China. There are some key similarities and differences, albeit stereotypes, that characterize the two groups of girls.

A few observations:

  1. Americanized Chinese girls generally handle their alcohol better, especially with cocktails being a recent introduction to mainland China. Most of the FOB girls I see handle alcohol (tequila, vodka, whiskey or baijiu) very poorly (unless these are Purple Crystal KTV girls).
  2. Americanized Chinese girls generally dance better than FOBs, unless these FOB girls took special attention to Korean music videos.
  3. Most Americanized Chinese girls are more demanding of men being men, having balls to make the first move, etc. and more open to a conversation with a stranger. I think this level of interaction in China is still met with caution. I think a lot of fob girls don’t mind that their guys are more feminine, although this one is debatable. Your typical male pop-star icons in China don’t necessarily personify masculinity.
  4. I know I’m going to get flamed for this one, but I feel like a lot of FOB girls are looking for a BF all the time. I’ve seen examples where if you hook up (ONS, make-out, etc) with a FOB girl, her automatic response is that you have to be her new BF. Not saying this is a good thing or a bad thing, but a mere observation. Maybe it’s the green card effect. In contrast, I feel Americanized girls are more open to flings and dating, even if it’s with more than one guy at a time.
  5. FOB girls don’t tend to shave or groom, down there. We need to change this.
  6. Americanized girls are more flirtatious and have more sass (and maybe ass, which is what I’m sure you saw when you first glanced over).

Am I saying you’re not going to find that confident sassy girl from China? You probably will, but you sure as hell are going to have to look harder. And what about FOB guys? What kind of girls do they like? My guess is that they would find Americanized girls a handful. So to really sum things up, it’s a matter of Chinese girls these days being traditional v.s. modern, Confucius v.s. progressive, but you cannot deny that there is a definite bias of FOB girls at one end of the spectrum and westernized girls in the other. And yes ladies, keeping it clean down there is the progressive thing to do. In terms of levels of attractiveness, it was a trick question to begin with. I’m sure you already knew that neither I, nor anyone else, can come up with a solid argument for one or the other. After all, this isn’t a debate, and feel free to add to my list of observations. But remember, if you don’t see a repeating occurrence, it doesn’t count. One slutty white girl doesn’t make all white girls slutty. If half of your school’s white girls have STDs, then you get the point (I wanted to throw in a racist joke but decided not to).

These are just my 井底之蛙 shallow views of the two types of Chinese girls. I didn’t want to go into personality traits or do a psychoanalysis because A) I’m not qualified and B) there really isn’t a fit all when it comes to how women think or act (for instance to say FOB girls are more submissive). I think at the end of the day, you really want someone special, someone that doesn’t conform to standards or trends or the center part of a bell curve. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, beauty is after all, in the eye of the beholder. But in this increasingly superficial world of ours where life gets faster and faster, we tend to forget the wise adage that beauty is only skin deep. It’s nobody’s fault and it’s okay because even though many say, beauty or attraction to a person is only half the battle in a relationship, it is still half the battle so I believe one must lust to love. As for me, my lust often points towards South Korea or Taiwan. They got that thing down, but that’s another conversation for another day.

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  • Patrick

    Both types are equally good on the SOFA!!!! Sorry juvenile moment.

  • Kexin Renlei

    Managing pubic hair is not “progressive” – do you even know what this word means?

    Chinese-American women aren’t AmericanIZED, they’re AMERICAN.

    And what evidence do you have that “life gets faster and faster” in this “increasingly superficial world of ours”? You sound exactly like one of the college freshmen I teach.

    • Patrick

      I don’t know, it depends on how you view progressive. If you look in the 70’s copies of Playboy magazine it was full on bush. Then around the mid-80’s there was some trimming going on. Later in the 90’s all the girl’s had landing strips and when it hit the 2000 era almost all of them shaved it all. In that sense it could be viewed as progressive. Personally I have to say a nice trim gets me going every time. But at the same time variety is cool. Of course it can only be a surprise treat in one direction.

      • Ish

        Fads do not belong in a conversation on “progressiveness”. Some might argue that shaved nethers are reminiscent of pre-pubescence. Not sure that would be considered “progressive”. Since shaving has little correlation to actual cleanliness, I’d have to say that it’s more of a psychological choice and personal preference.

        • Patrick

          Well said sir, I would like to say without any aggression that I was merely being ironical. I know the meaning of progressive and thought I’ve had some word fun to entertain. I am truly sensitive to the plight of pubic hair in these modern times.

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    Lil Wayne feat Young Money – Every Girl

    • nice, very nice

    • hooots

      haha well done sir! I too agree that this song is most fitting.

      • M.N

        xie xie people….

  • lilt

    I’m quite offended with Chinasmack for publishing something as obviously self masturbatory as this.

    The author basically presents two stark groups of women – the ‘cool’ westernised one and FOB. FOB has a set of determined characteristics, and if a girl doesn’t fit into those characteristics she must be ‘westernised’. It’s a very convenient set up you have going there. By simply splitting the population down these semi arbitrary and anecdotal lines, the author can basically refuse to acknowledge the existence of a whole variety of woman in China and beyond. Has the author every paused to consider a person can have characteristics of both ‘FOB’ and ‘Westernised’, what then? The point is that the author sets out to find the caricatured ‘FOB’ girl, of cause there’s going to be some in a place with 700 million women, and in finding a few girls at one end of the spectrum, he uses this to dismiss even considering/getting to know other girls who may also fall on the spectrum from ‘FOB’ to ‘Westernised’. Talk about preconceptions.

    It’ll be interesting to see how many American girls actually fit into the author’s description of ‘what you like’. Even though the author characterize it as americanisation/westernisation, it speaks volumes that not even all or most american girls can fall into this narrow range of standard.

    What the author deserves to be flamed on is discussing what genital grooming standards females should aim at. Let’s talk about equality shall we, when was the last time you shaved down there person who wrote this? And why haven’t you? Is it any of my business? Damn straight no. ‘We need to change this’ is just so incredibly sexist and misogynistic I can’t believe this got past an actual editor.

    I do like how the author attempts to soften his blatant one-dimensional views on women by saying that these are just ‘observations’. You left that at the door when you started to pass judgments on the desirability of these girls.

    Also, just in case the author would like to know why he can’t find that a girl, it’s because he’s hanging out at Vics, the center for douche bags.

    • Patrick

      I would say it’s more likely he’s young and busting a nut really is the only thing on his mind. He may find the more westernized Asians more sexy – but I’m pretty sure that’s all it is. I doubt very much that he intends articulate conversation with them – he watches Entourage.

      Again on the subject of genital grooming – something I could talk hours about without being high. It can be fun, creative grooming can even spice things up – and yes you’re right – why limit it to the girls. You haven’t lived until your ball sack has been covered in shaving cream. That being said more than a couple bored guys who have never done it will immediately do it at some point tonight – just because they read this and thought, hmm that would be different.

    • hooots

      speaking of male genital grooming: I do groom and both FOB and “Westernized” gals like it. You sound like a hater. This is just one guys observations. I having travelled the depths of the places this guy has travelled I would have to agree with most of his observations. Don’t be angry that he has more sex than you. Just learn from what he has offered us.

      • joosned

        What he has offered us ?
        The guy is unable to see beyond his American point of view (despite his Chinese origins)… I’m not convinced that a guy who is surprised that the girl he just fucked wants more than a ONS is somewhat respectful and understanding of 1) the girl 2) the culture of the girl.
        Instead, what he remembers the most about this night was “damn she could have shaved and think more about me”.

        I’m trying to find some intelligence in this but I can’t. I guess I’d better go back read my science books.

    • Pat

      Dude, he goes from porno to family in two sentences. Chinasmack is like, a hobby for it’s creator(s). There are far better things in this world to be offended about.

    • Southernorthener

      Thank god someone else sees how riciculous this is…

      Hes probably some chinasmack execs nephew..


      Only now did i realize he wrote the ktv girl post aswell..

      Derekxu..shave on you…i mean shame on you..

      By the need to choose really ey?

      Be like me…have a farmer for a wife..a ktv girl for a lil wife, an abc as a long term gf..a well traveled westernized chinese as a xiao san…and eastern european nanny..hahahahaha

      Muahahahahaha..muahahaha…ahhhh i love china..

  • John Doe

    Great observations. I would say diversity is a rare thing these days; accepting if not respecting it is the right way to go.

    By diversity I mean skills on bed, if you like.

    • Jax

      I’m guessing less than 10% of your readers know what FOB means. And the majority of those who don’t know will not google to find out.

      • Patrick

        It’s a derogatory term coined by twinkie’s it means “Fresh Off the Boat”.

  • nereis


    The author draws some very deep and insightful conclusions regarding the epistemology of how we label people according to ethnic and geographical origin and ends his treatise with the need to look beyond the superficial.


    • dim mak

      Babby need a tissue?

  • dim mak

    There isn’t really that much a difference between FOBs and Westernized Asians. The one exception is FOBs tend to think acting like a 10 year old is “cute” and desirable.

    Otherwise I’ve met huge golddigging bitches and shy quiet girls from both groups.

  • While there can be no definitive characterization of women that will satisfy this crowd, the article attempts a rough segregation, and he admits it is rough. I think this is more than acceptable. There are generalizations of any group, including FOBs and Chinese-Canadians/Americans. I do agree with most of his observations.

    You all did not have the balls to write the article, so cut the guy some slack for putting his neck on the line If no one wrote anything until there was a definitive double blind scientific study, with peer review, a with a minimum of 60 observations, we would have very little knowledge and a lot of stupidity. First hand observation, such as the OP, is the next best thing, and it is what most of humankind does. So for the haters, go back and bury your head in that science book. The rest of us will be out making “first hand observations” of the women we meet.

    • joosned

      It’s funny how western people determine the quality of a human being by looking at his/her sexual performance, and thinking the whole world works like that.

      To listen to both of you we can conclude this :
      – There are science-geek guys who are virgins, and guys who know very well how to get laid with asian girls.
      – There are stupid FOB who expected too much of the jerk who just fucked her last night, and clever ABC who can dance, shave and fuck just like in californian porn.

      Nice try of being clever, Einsteins.

      • hooots

        Your conclusions are more correct than you know.

    • anon

      You could use the same excuse for someone making racist generalizations. Fortunately for Derek, personal grooming preferences doesn’t really rise to the level of race and ethnicity (well, that may not be true, see the recent Nivea “Re-Civilize Yourself” ad controversy).

      I agree everyone will be making first-hand observations of others, but the key is in each person recognizing that our observations may be stereotypical or shallow, as well as potentially unfair and offensive to some. I think Derek does that, and that’s the next best thing absent the ability to conduct impossibly rigorous scientific studies on these sort of things.

    • actionjksn

      @ Don Tai,

      Very well said, all this “political correctness” bullshit is getting very old. “Politically correct” pretty much means be as fake as possible and never really speak your mind, or tell it like it is in any way unless nobody is going to get their feelings hurt. There is no way this guy came up with all these things without actually observing them. I don’t agree with him on which ones are more desirable though. I would pick an FOB any day. A real Chinese girl could steal me from my white American Wife pretty easy. I love Chinese women! I would probably chose an average looking Chinese girl over a beautiful white girl. That’s how hot I am for them. I just don’t know where to meet them here in Midwest USA. Oh well I can dream.

      • joosned

        Nobody teaches respect in USA ?

      • Patrick

        Hop a flight, then a local, it’s just that easy. Just kidding most of the time it isn’t. But then again I did that. I’m sorry I had it right the first time. Not with the ex, to be honest she was a pain in the ass. Well not my ass, she liked that kind of thing. It’s always the quiet ones. Well she was quiet with other people, screamed like a banshee around me. Maybe that’s why I hated her. That and she was stupid. She wasn’t really stupid she was really really book smart, but with people – really fucking stupid. A complete moron. Wow am I glad I got that of my chest. She get’s angry about my current wife – which I enjoy. I try to be kind though, whenever it’s her birthday I wish her happy birthday the day before during and after her birthday to let her know I’m still thinking of her. Like last year I called her up and said, “Happy 40th Birthday”! I could feel the appreciation.

  • exotic88god

    whats up with the pic?!?! Arden Cho is Korean, not Chinese…..

    • anon

      I’m sure it’s meant to juxtapose stereotypical differences in how FOBs and ABCs appear. There are FOB Koreans too and many ABK guys have similar views as this guy.

    • Patrick

      She’s hot who cares if she’s Korean.

  • Rain Assassin

    I think it’s hilarious when I read a poorly written article with a vast majority of merit-less generalizations.. Like you said, “We tend to pass judgments based on something we think we know.”

    The funny thing about this article is that the way it was written is to suggest that his choice for a future girl is only limited to two very extreme versions of a Chinese girl which he begs people to believe that they are mutually exclusive.. It’s not as simple as choosing Vanilla and Chocolate bro. In life, you can get Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla bean, Mint chocolate chip, and Chocolate Swirl! Get it in a Cone, cup, or maybe in two scoops. Fuck. Throw Strawberry ice cream into that bitch.

    As a fellow ABC, I’m a bit applauded by your elitist views on Chinese women. The term “Fob” is derogatory in itself. But the way you just come off like “Fob girls don’t shave… Fob girls aren’t sassy enough”.. Dude. Get off your fucking high horse. You’re in China bro. This isn’t Exchange LA on a Saturday night and Hidori immediately afterwards. There are obviously cultural differences between ABC’s and local girls. I think it’s silly for you to assert your opinion as universal law. “Girls need to shave”. Girls can do whatever the fuck they want…. If they want to shave then shave. If they don’t. They don’t. If they want to do Puppetry of the Vagina? It’s their choice. Don’t look down on people cause they don’t live up to your “American Standards” What the fuck are American standards anyway? Sloan from Entourage? She’s a fuckin’ fictional character in an American TV series. However, if you’re lookin’ for beautiful, intelligent, sassy, and sexy women… I’ve met both. ABC and Local Chinese. Perhaps you’re not looking in the right places or these women aren’t giving you the time of day. But that is a story for anothe day…..

    • anon

      The irony is thick with this one. If you’re Justin from the previous article, you hardly qualify to be judging whether someone else’s article is “poorly written” or not. I also think you mean “appalled”, not “applauded”…and do you really end every sentence with ellipses?

      I don’t agree with everything this guy says (or with why he feels it is wise to be writing this sort of thing), but I don’t see how he is asserting his opinion as universal law. He acknowledges his observations are stereotypes and that he’s just expressing his own shallow views. He seems sufficiently self-aware. There’s something questionable about how much you’re getting on his case.

      • Patrick

        Except the two scoops thing (no cup). That’s fun I tried it.

    • Derek Xu

      1. I’m not your bro
      2. I’m not ABC
      3. This post wasn’t address to you or in reference to you, so let me ask why the fuck are you cussing at me.

      Frankly, I would never say anything online that I wouldn’t say to a person in real life. You may feel safe behind your computer screen and keyboard blabbing whatever you feel like, but I think you’re the type of pussy that would never confront a person face to face.

      • RA

        D Xu,

        Relax BRO. No need to get your panties in a bunch. I throw in the F word from time to time when I write nothing to get too bent out of shape about…

        If you think I’m the type of “Pussy” who just internet tough and blabs behind a computer screen well you have another thing coming.

        All in all big ups on writin’ your piece and gettin’ the response that you have on this article.

        • Jay K.

          ………………cheh, you mad, bro?

    • Southernorthener

      I actually like a bit of bush ive been in china for so many years..and..well…i like it!

  • Rain Assassin

    Big ups to Dim Mak, Big Pat, Lilt, Kexin, and Nereis.

  • Wendy

    Mainland Chinese girls aren’t FOBs when they’re in China!

    • Patrick

      You’re so sweet, let’s change that – what are you doing Friday night?

  • donscarletti

    Stereotypes are 80% off here at [email protected]

    Grab a few before Derek Xu grabs them all!!

  • Kevin

    Dear Chinasmack,

    You used to be an insightful website where one could find truly profound articles that painted an accurate picture of the debate going on on the Chinese Web.

    Unfortunately, you are fast becoming a place where “Man bites dog” articles sit alongside middle-school grade, pseudo philosophical essays such as the one above written by spoiled Foreign Born Chinese with an inflated sense of their own importance.

    If you want to remain a quality website that I heartily recommend to all of my friends who seek to better understand the Chinese mindset, you had better boot these spoiled brats out. Not only are articles like these an insult to the intelligence of your readers but they also give a voice to people who clearly do not deserve one.

    Yours sincerely

    A soon to be ex faithful reader

    • lilt

      Completely seconded.

    • hooots

      I completely understand that a lot of what he said might be offensive to some. However, should the truth of his experience be censored because it offends you? Would it make you feel better if he cited his sources or watered down what he wanted to say so that he wouldn’t get any negative comments? Haters like you make us people that rise above that feel sorry for you. Go home jerk off to some shitty porn then come back and tell everybody what they should and shouldn’t say. To be more politically correct: go fuck yourself.

      • Kevin




        Your most eloquent answer kinda supports my point about the quality of Chinasmack content and viewership going down. I particularly liked the punch-line “Go home jerk off to some shitty porn”. Always a classic. You can sense the depth of the thinking behind it.

        Regarding this article, I don’t find it the least offensive, I just find it plain dumb.

        I also admire the way you rationalize my criticism by calling me a “hater”.

        • anon

          I don’t think your observation of chinaSMACK content and viewership going down is accurate, or fair. If you look back to the very first posts, they’ve always mixed really silly or stupid content with arguably serious or profound content. It has always been this way. One of their first posts were of something like 4 Chinese college kids stacked on top of each other with their asses hanging out.

          I might be willing to agree with you on the comments left by commenters having gone down in quality or having been run off by their more ignorant or irrational counterparts, but actually, there were a lot of those people making a lot of those types of comments in the past too.

          There’s always going to be a complainer, but I think there’s a difference between those who simply say they don’t like certain content and those who try to somehow blackmail the publisher into magically reversing some downward trend in quality based upon their own subjective preferences. As for giving a voice to those who clearly do not deserve one, couldn’t we apply that same logic to all the translations of every Chinese netizen post or comment with opinions we disagree with? Yet that is precisely what made chinaSMACK what it is, translating the voices of the Chinese, thereby giving them a voice that could be understood by those who don’t read Chinese. The Diaspora section is just giving voice to overseas Chinese.

          I think it is obvious that chinaSMACK is not intended to be a bastion of intellectualism. Much of what many people find “profound” in their posts are less about the content itself as it is about what we learn about the Chinese or about ourselves upon beholding such content as it is finally made accessible to us. That, of course, is my opinion. You’re free to believe there has been a consistent stream of inherent profundity if you want, but don’t you think the tone you’ve taken in your comment can be interpreted as also having an inflated sense of self-importance?

    • dim mak

      >You used to be an insightful website where one could find truly profound articles
      >remain a quality website

      Haha oh wow

    • Blars

      Wow. Not ok for author to write what’s on his mind but you think it’s ok for you? How do you know the author is spoiled? Have you met him? You’re making assumptions about him just like he does. At least he makes them from his own experience and you make the assumption of him being spoiled from what? And if you want to read something really profound, why don’t you go and bloody write it yourself! Nah, it’s easier to be a bystander and then wank off at other peoples opinions. And why soon to be an exreader, why not just say that you are an exreader? Is it because you get off at dissing others and really can’t be an exreader or is it because you can’t make up your mind? Please write an article so we can all be enlightened by your supremasy. I thought it was as fun to read as anything else on this site. Enlightened? No. Fun? Yes. Educational? Not really

  • JSakamoto

    I’ve heard this all before, nothing new. I was born and raised in America although I’m not chinese but still asian. I actually like unshaven it’s more natural. Unshaven armpits are also ok since they usually only have a little hair there. Well americans definitely have more ass, fat ass that is. Also their skin complextion isn’t as good as FOB girls.

    As someone who’s dated both, I definitely prefer FOB girls. I have friends from here and asia but for dating i’d prefer asian girls. Now I think I’ll go shave my pubic hair tonight.

    • Patrick

      Yeah totally get you on the complexion, it’s the makeup. The girls in America start wearing it so young and all the time. The girls here in China rarely wear it at all – not that they need it. My wife looks beautiful without it but on those rare occasions when she does I just can’t believe what I’m looking at.

  • Jay K.

    To an extent I do agree with this article, but seriously picking up girls in a bar for anything serious potential material is hilarious. might as well bring rothstein and Weis attorney at law when you head to the bars for potential seriousness.

    2nd. not chinese americans, but “westernized” (americanized, internationalized, etc) chinese girls I do admit have become more open. to every chinese girl i’ve met that moved west in their teens or for college have become more independent and open. Hell a good friend of mine was quite FOB until her bf who was also a FOB in the same uni split up, this lead to her learning the codes of conduct of “Rebouding”. And rebound she did shacking up 3 guys in a 2 month span! I am in all honesty proud of her.

    and yes for some weird reason westernized chinese girls, they will get a more curved/round ass instead of flat. another close friend of mine moved to vancouver when she was in her teens; she eats healthy diet, runs, exercises, but her ass has truly become really round, firm and my god one of the finest assets i’ve seen in china, period…

  • Capt. WED

    what the hell are you guys talking about? FOB GIRLS? There are plenty of FOB sluts in China.

    • dim mak

      They wouldn’t be FOBs if they were still in China you idiot.

      • Capt. WED

        go dim mak your own baby in a bathroom stall…i’m only parroting the original poster….

      • Capt. WED

        By FOB I mean fresh off Noah’s arc. God is great!!!

      • Capt. WED

        after mating with monkeys. Tis the only way.

  • Schenectady

    Disregarding the obviously silly content, this article reads like it was written by a middle schooler. Malapropisms, grammatical errors and usage errors everywhere. “resonate with you of a fob girl” “breath of diversity” “definite bias of fob girls…” Doesn’t Chinasmack have a copy editor or something?

  • justAreader

    It’s a very stupid blog post I must say. Just too flat. 不给力!

  • Citrine

    The girl on the right, Arden Cho, is Korean American…Man you sure are a frog at the bottom of a well…

    • Patrick

      Yes, someone had mentioned that – I’m more curious about the girl on the left.

  • Leo

    I can tell you, it’s simple.

    The difference is American Asian girls are more confident because they are constantly reminded of their attractiveness through the Western media, porn, and the general lust of horny white American nerds.

    Westerners praise the natural Asian features of: tans, chinky eyes, long undyed jet-black hair, big cheekbones, and even a little bit of meat on that body, features which Chinese beauty dictators have been aggressively encouraging young girls to purge from themselves for thousands of years.

    FOB Chinese girls are less confident because they are ALWAYS on the verge of being called fat or ugly by some random obese Chinese auntie or skinnier-than-thou pre-pubescent boyfriend.

    Things like skin lightness, eye size, weight, hold native Chinese girls back. The result it either an insecure wreck who studies in order to try and prove herself academically rather than aesthetically, or a spoilt, bitchy little Princess who will inevitably find a rich guy to pay for all her cosmetic procedures and will be called out as a ‘whore’ for the rest of her life. Then there’s average looking, rather dumb ones somewhere in the middle who end up dropping out of highschool and having an abortion because her uneducated boyfriend is too much of a pussy to buy condoms. Sad, but true.

    However, after being in China, surrounded by delightfully naive high pitched giggling, black brillo pads, Casper white skin and scary-ass electric blue circle lenses, anyone who has been surrounded by these kinds of tarty Chinese girls can tell you that there is a strange yet undeniable attractiveness you will find in that particular look, maybe after a while.


    • YourHusband

      Actually, most Americanized Asian girls are either ugly or average at best, so I don’t see how they can have confidence. Of course, there are nerdy white men who have appallingly low standards and may actually find them attractive when they’re not, but their own Asian men will know that they are not attractive at all. Just look at the Asian women in media like Lucy Liu, she is considered ugly by Asians. If anything, a good looking Asian dude would have greater confidence than most Asian girls in america

      • Dragon

        In America people don’t know what a good looking asian woman or even asian man looks like. They do have very low standards and just randomly pick ones by our asian standards is consider ugly. All the asian woman news reporter looks like porno starts rather than someone classy and natural looking woman.

  • revoltingbrain

    I hear these comparisons a lot back home. Whether they’re FOB or Asian Am/overseas chinese, we gotta learn to love them all.

    Most of the people that criticize this type of article just can’t appreciate the various discourses that are emerging from Asian Ams these days. I’m glad this site is showcasing overseas Chinese perspectives whether they seem juvenile, shallow, pointless, redundant, or whatever. There aren’t any other sites out there doing this.

    OH yeah. Ever heard of Ktown cowboys?

  • too yellow

    well, considering how big China and US is in relation to the world, I think more of a plato’s cave rather than 井底之蛙. It’s just preferences really. For example, having tried both, I totally get no shaving down there, especially if the hair is thin and soft. (usually for Asia girl the NEVER shaved in their life) But one she starts, she better do it everyday ’till eternity, otherwise it’s like sand paper with all the stumbles and the hair tends to get very thick and nasty in general. Much better if she never at all in the beginning.

  • andrewcunningham

    u r just seeing this world and got ur bullshit obervations through your tiny little brain flooded by western ideologies. all these traits you mentioned about americanized girls are whore like qulaities. stop slutting our girls.
    byw who told you shaving and grooming down there is better! Plz read some books

  • Wily Wanker

    Derek Xu, I liked your article. Observation number 4 is correct too. I seen it happen.

  • nihaoma

    For your info, the one on the right is arden cho, who is Korean American. At least get the picture right.

  • cp

    this article is for teens

  • Soldano

    This article is showing the authors insecurities more than giving any information at all.

    FOB aren’t as you picture them and stereotypes don’t really matter once when you start a relationship, for the night or LTR.

    How many girl did i date claimed that they would only date a chinese guy ? How many ABC’s who were only trying to show off with the strongest member of the group and used sex to make friends ?

    FOB’s are not animals. They’re real girls. And there’s more to a real girl than what the stereotype says. They also evolv with relationships, and so do we. ABC’s to me are not that great outside of the bar. The american version of asian women also gets all the vulgar, excessive makup, attitude and ugly clothes that usually are exclusive to the ugly american (flip flaps, UGG’s, Jean mini skirts, cap, tank top, hoodies, sweatpants and fanny packs, all these being an absolute NO oustide of the country). FOB’s tend to have strong values and know what they want. They sure have a weird (if any) fashion style but as they grow old (late 20’s) they tend to develop a real classy style (the new generation in particular). They sure have a very limited understanding of the world outside china, but they catch up real fast. Faster than ABC’s for the most part.

    Sorry to say that, but most occidentals who read this actually know china better than you do, so your comment on beijing bars don’t exactly make you look smart. De Facto you identify yourself as an a member of a group of ABC’s that seems to exist only by bashing other asians to make you look smarter.

    So please, try to exist as a person instead of existing trough stereotypes and communities. ABC is just a word and your knowledge of chinese girls isn’t written in your DNA, and being born in America doesn’t make you a sociologist either. You’re just you, so take some time to step back, talk less and listen more from now on, and i’m sure you’ll come back with better comments on your next entry.

  • Jason

    hahahahah gotta love number 5! Thats so true that the FOB girls don’t shave.. my simple rule is if she’s regularly got more pubes than I do, she’s gotta go! lol

    • Vince

      FOBS not only don’t shave their pubes but under arm hair too!

  • Peter

    You should spend more time in China. Your observations are not accurate.

    • maja

      I’d suggest you check out other places then Vics, even Mix just in front would be better if you’re looking for interesting not-americanized girls. if you go to a place that tries to mimic the states… people who actually was there will just look more up-to-date.

      also, bush ftw

  • ZlsetrdX

    “FOB girls don’t tend to shave or groom, down there. We need to change this”

    WHY DO WE NEED TO? That is some ignorant, shameful and patronizing statement the author’s got there. BTW, he shouldn’t expect every girl in the world to be out of a “Friends” chapter. He better gets his superior out of his posterior.
    And who are “we”? Is that some sort of “Pubic Police”, trimming the crime downtown?
    So what’s next? “Puerto Rican girls tend to put too much make-up on. We need to change this.”; “Japanese girls tend to smile all the time for no apparent reason. We need to change this”; “Brazilian girls tend to have fat asses. We need to change this”.

    P.S.: My cake, Ma’am? With full dressing, please. Thanks.

  • Rene Donaldson

    My main experiences comes from mainland Chinese girls. Most of the girls there aren’t trained to b whores so that’s why they want to be your gf right away. They actually still believe in marriage.

  • david

    well i guess its time for laowai to do the same.

  • Jaded Foreign Devil

    A similar discussion occurred at the water cooler in my office yesterday. All present (both locals and foreigners; both genders) agreed: The pressure to conform has reduced diversity everywhere, and generalizations like this one are all too true; anecdotal exceptions do not invalidate it (this is the Chinese way: cite a single, rare and personal exception to disprove the point).

    My personal preference is for non-Chinese girls, but not for “cultural” reasons. I have found that local Chinese girls know almost nothing about the world, and I would really rather hang out with someone who has something interesting to say (or do), and isn’t afraid to say (or do) it.

    On a “cultural” note, I’m not keen to be f**king my girl while she’s thinking about what her parents would say.

  • Jack

    Do YOU shave/groom “down there,” sir?

  • Megumi

    Vics in Beijing?? That’s where all the Chinese girls that plan to marry a foreigner so they don’t need to look for a job go!
    Ok ok, not aaaaall of them, but many of them are looking for some sort of sugar daddy…

  • deadred7

    Hey I know the girl on the right in the picture, and she’s Korean American, not Chinese.

    Otherwise, I really enjoyed reading this article. Sure there are a lot of generalizations but it makes for interesting reading.

  • 1234

    I think it’s very simple. That’s a lot of words to say that you prefer americanized girls over FOB girls.

  • typingfromwork

    What you are saying is that you like your girls to be more Americanised. More “sassy”, and “confident”, as you put it. Fair enough. But that’s not neccessarily what all men want. I for one don’t really care for a woman who thinks that the ability to hold her drink is that important. Plenty of girls in China do not drink when they go out- they just don’t like it- and still have a good time singing karaoke. By the way that is something that a FOB girl will very likely be better at than a Chinese-American girl.

    Also, an FOB girl might want a man who is a bit of a cutie rather than butch, but trust me they prefer a man who can handle a situation when the time calls for it. It’s not like they want to date sissies. I would say that is actually just true of women in general.

  • Alice

    Excuse me, sir.

    First off, there are more than 2 types of Asian girls. NEWSFLASH, life is not black & white.

    Secondly, your commentary simply reinforces stereotypes.

    Lastly, how could you not think twice about what you posted? It is quite disappointing seeing as you are Asian as well – Why would you ever want to spread the likelihood of creating another’s disposition to you even before they knew you?

    I realize you might see my comment as an over reaction because I am an Asian girl. I am not going to tell you it’s not, because I recognize that personal reasons contributed to the splurge of emotions I felt as I read your article; even so, can you not see my point of view?

  • xiaomo

    This is certainly among the stupidest, most shallow, and ugly articles I have read on this site. If this is the type of quality this site will be offering I will have to skip it in the future.

    I am not a woman, and my viewpoint is not in the least politically correct, but this is just so irreparably ignorant and juvenile. Want to provide interesting looks at China and things related? Want to provide adolescent masturbatory musings of mental midgets? Totally not interested. Chinasmack- grow the fuck up or drown. Some other more evolved site will usurp your position.

  • naeboo

    in regards to points 4 & 5 from my own observations:

    it has nothing to do with green cards. FOB girls will want their hook-ups to mean something more serious all the time. something to do their not wanting to be labelled slutty/feel cheap, men to be responsible and they are ALWAYS looking for bfs.

    FOB girls most of time don’t shave their armpits too!

    *of course, i lumped FOB girls with girls actually still in China & those with such Chinese mentalities.

  • Derek Xu

    Hey, if you don’t like it, don’t read the article you pussies.

  • Jing

    I think you’re making a huge generalization about Chinese girls as a whole. By your generalization I can easily make MY oberservations of “Americanized Chinese” girls….

    1. “Americanized Chinese” can’t speak a word of their native tongue. Its a shame, they look Asian yet has no clue of their native language, sad really.

    2. I bet my 10 buck most “Americanized Chinese” has had sex with multiple men.

    3. Most “Americanized Chinese” plaster their faces with pounds of makeup…still in clown college I see.

    See, i made a short sighted generalization of “Americanized girls” just like you generalized FOB girls. Dude, everyone is different you can’t just bring other people down simply by the minimal encounters you had with them.

    • idle hands

      I guess I don’t see why being “americanIZED” should make it where you just completely forget your native language. So I take it what you REALLY meant is American-born Chinese…but in that case there native language would be English so I still don’t really understand what exactly your first point is saying…(I’ll only briefly mention the ethno-centricity of saying that Chinese is Asia’s native language.) Sometime back a certain ethinc group was systematically imported into Brazil…should 90% of Brazilians go learn some African language?

      Point 2…most American(ized?) Chinese women have had sex with multiple men…and?? I suppose all those straight-up Chinese women in those little red houses with red lights certainly haven’t. Or is your point that you may as well get paid for it rather than just doing it because you enjoy sex?

      Point 3…I agree. too much make-up in the world today…and obviously the skin bleaching products that abound all over Asia shouldn’t at all be considered in the same category.

      But, you’re pretty hot Jing…Americanized or not.

  • Jenn

    The girl to the right n the yellow shirt is actually a KOREAN-AMERICAN. Her name is Arden Cho.

  • Jenn

    The girl to the right in the yellow shirt is actually KOREAN-AMERICAN. Her name is Arden Cho.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Actually Jenn, both of the girls are Korean.

      The girl on the left is Park Hyun Sun, a Korean model.

  • everyone

    fob versus american asians- i can see what you mean. However, it’s important to remind ourselves that these individuals can be flexible and that we shouldn’t limit our judgement based on labels.

    People find it hard to believe that I used to speak Chinese fluently and used to dress fobby. I imagine people would label me americanized now- I hear chinese men wouldn’t marry chinese-american women assuming that can’t speak chinese well. If I went to Asia more… specifically Taiwan is the place I am more familiar with, then I would catch on my chinese language skills and culture. I like to think myself flexible :)

  • selang

    I always found the CHinese in the USA to be a bit too arrogant.
    also, for most of my life I wondered why people were making so many jokes about Chinese drivers.

    Well, after I moved to Beijing, I found my answers.

  • Reo

    Whether FOB carries negative connotation or Americanized carries positive one, depends on oneself. Since I read your article, I would say I agree 50% of those statements. But here’s my observation as well. You can agree or disagree. We’re all entitled to what we believe.

    – Americanized girls (most of them) actually have that eyes with slanty shape. But in Asias, (China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan), you don’t see much of those slanty eyes Asian girls. They do live in Asian countries, but not as many as I would observe here in US.

    – Americanized girls tried to hide those slitty slanty eyes with eye lashes. FOBs doesn’t bother to use those eye lashes to cover their round eyes, Or you would call it “backlogged, homely” or I would call FOBs as “pretty”.

    – Americanized girls have flat, big face whereas you have a variety of faces in Asia. It seems when those Americanized generation’s parents come from Asian countries to US, most of them seems to be ugly in a sense. They toiled years after years to come to US for american dreams. They have finally achieved it arriving to US. But the fact that they are ugly, still propagating to their generation. Yeah those americanized girls become “acceptable” after building up a lot of make-up.

  • Andre Leonard

    Seems as though everyone wants to put a stereotype on look for common denominator. There is none. Everyone is different

    Dangerous one maybe is looking for identity and therefore willing to try to be different.

    Everyone likes are different. I may only go for mature 40-50 women, others like teens (legal) to 30. I like traditional some others prefer westernized. I like smart and intelligent, some are afraid of intelligent woman.

    No one size fits all.

  • tokyochicdoll

    This is unbelievably biased. And patronizing. And sexist.

    • Yes, it is, but not so inaccurate if you consider the urge Chinese people have to fit in the stereotypes. a 5,5 on IELTS doesn’t necessarily makes you “a good catch”, does it?

      • tokyochicdoll

        All people, not just Chinese people, tend to categorize themselves and situate themselves in stereotypes. Your justification is faulty.

  • Noon

    Y’all stupid for trying put Asian Americans and fobs all kinds of stereotypes. There’s definitely fobs that are complete whores, so don’t spout shit about this traditional nonsense. I’m not saying Americanized Asians are angels either. Both groups have similar up and downs. Don’t even say American Asians have one type of face while fobs have a variety. That’s completely ignorant, take a genetics class.

  • asianjunk

    I think you should make articles like- Whats the difference between local girls, and overseas girls in different parts of the world.

  • Luna Shen

    idk, maybe they were too young, but i had some foreign exchange student friends in high school and they didn’t really seem like this. they were confident and all that. they even got onto student council. anyway you seem to be a little slutty when you do your comparisons. won’t have a one night stand=booo!!!

  • moeimoei

    this article only demonstrates what a shallow ass Americanized Chinese boyz you are….no offense….oh starting an article with Japanese porn??? girls shaving pubs? really?! what is wrong with you?!

  • Momof2

    As a HK born Americanized female residing in NYC, I can vocalized author’s article is funny with some truth. Yes, we tend to wear makeup (temporary) more than FOB cause we can’t afford plastic surgery (permanent faked). At least our potential offspring(s) will be real reflection of both parents, not like the hillarious article where husband sues wife for fraud ( :

    Majority of FOB I found to be very pretentious and come across sooooo fake, while Americanize’s true grit “take it or leave it” shoot straight arrow attitude is “REAL”.

    Forgive me if I’m not fluent in my birth country native tongue, I’m ok with that. My pet peeve is how rude these FOB counter girls/ladies are to someone like me who don’t fully understand what they are saying. All I can say to these people is to speak English, the native language of the ground the currently standing on.

    Message to author: Dude, deal out what you get back … Do you shave and groom down under ?

  • T

    Oh my god. Youre such a dick, Derek Xu. I’m glad you have stated your preferences publicly for people to see because now girls just have to refer you to your own link for why to not date you. Quoting you, “One slutty white girl doesn’t make all white girls slutty.” I am glad that you don’t represent all men either.

  • Arie

    Just so you know, Derek Xu, by your repeated usage of “井底之蛙” I know your Chinese language ability is that of a seven years old. This is a first grader idiom. If you were raised in China, no one above the second grade would use this idiom in an essay. Please go have more tutoring lessons and then you may perhaps properly speak to a FOB girl and then you may form your opinions about them. Without proper communication, what you observe in FOB girls are just polite mannerism due to 1) being in a foreign country or 2) classy upbringing and 3) general higher intelligence/self awareness than you americanized ignorant asses.

    One thing you should learn about people of every culture though, is that reserved mannerism does NOT equate to submissive character. By the way, one thing I observed about ABC girls is that 98% of them have outdated fashion senses. It is obvious in clubs, it is obvious in schools or when they are in Asia. they dress bad and dont have a clue!

  • itissaid

    Those girls are not even Chinese, but KOREAN. The one on the right is Arden Cho.

    The girl on the left is Park Hyun Sun and she is a singer.

    Why are you trying to misrepresent Korean girls as Chinese? If you really want to highlight the differences between Chinese girls, you should show CHINESE girls and not KOREAN girls.

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