• I’m not surprised you two didn’t end up dating seriously. There’s definitely a cultural difference between ABCs and native Chinese people. But like you said, you put on your “adventure cap” and did it for the experience. Good job man.

  • Mchai0121

    Finally an article that isn’t predictable and with some depth. Some of the previous articles are talking about the exact same thing, finding yourself, not being treated like a local chinese, I’m mixed and I’m confused, etc….stuff that is boring, that everybody faces and unoriginal. Glad to see this Justin Yang character finally writing something interesting and different.

    • JustABlackWoman

      Agreed, I got tired of those same articles over and over again.

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    Collie Buddz – Blind To You

  • dim mak

    I give kudos to you as another Chinese guy.

    I bet Justin Yang isn’t an insecure little dweeb moaning about his ancestry all day. Women hate that shit. More Asian guys should look up to Justin.

  • Jonathan

    Definitely one of the best posts I have read on this blog. I was getting so tired reading about ethnic identity crises.

  • TAKE5

    when i first looked at your photo i thought he looks a little fish out of water nerd. After reading your story i take it back. :-(. When you started in on the MF haters.., i said, this guy is for real. I say good for you. You had a great experience and you won. You represented ABC’s and America very well.

  • KenfromCanada

    I was doing a show and Jiang Yu was a special guest, afterwards we shared a taxi and I asked her about you, and how everything was with you two… its funny that I work in TV yet still believe that TV is real.

    Too bad you two didnt work out, interesting read though.

  • good article Justin, good advice about you gotta gotta be you

  • Jason

    My mate and I watched the episode where you took Jiang Yu away, who was our favourite girl, so on one hand we were extremely jealous, but on the other hand you made us proud (we’re also ABCs). You can imagine my surprise when I saw that you had written an article on this site. Good read!

  • Jay K.

    finally a breathe of fresh air from the typical identity issue bull crap. now more AMWF articles would be good.

    example in terms of amwf hook ups: i did have this encounter 4 and a half years ago with this british chick, thank god alcohol was involved and a lot of it because that girl was stereotypical of brit female crooked teeth and a hooked nose. the sex was good though, im just (un)fortunate alcohol severely lowered my standards

  • hooots

    Awesome article man. I’m an American in China, and like others have said you rep the states quite well. It really is great to hear someone speaking honestly about something and using the language the way they want to. Fuck yeah man. Props.

    • hooots

      BTW sweeeet soul patch man. Nicely done.

  • Lena

    Well written! It’s nice to hear someone from the states speak so honestly about one’s experience! I’m an ABC myself working in China.

  • donscarletti

    He’s right about there being a lot of Mainland Europeans in China teaching “English” with dreadful pronunciation themselves. I’ve wanted to jump on a couple of them when they have “corrected” wrong pronunciation with pronunciation that is equally as wrong.

    Also, ding for not being that last detestable piece of rubbish the American Chinese community pumped out, storming out in tears because of “为人民服务”.

  • MuseCrew4Ever

    Is it true that after you appeared on the show, you actually contacted your alma mater’s (UCLA) newspaper and asked them to write an article about yourself winning the show?

  • ABCfan

    Is it true that when ppl ask you about the show you tell them you dont like bragging and talking about it, but there are already 3 articles about “you” being on the show published written by youself. FYI honey, its been months since the show aired. Don’t you think it’s time to call it quits.

    • Derek Xu

      He’s not the first ABC to win off the show, in fact, he’s not even the first guy from LA.

  • revoltingbrain

    If you graduated from the Hopkins Nanjing Center, your Chinese must be beyond excellent. Hope more ABC’s kick some ass on proc tv.

    Excellent story.

  • i admit, i was the one who left the youtube comment “fuck that abc, took my fav girl”. but since you revealed the truth about how phony that show is regarding match making results, or lack of, i suddenly no hate u no more.

  • too yellow

    蒋雨was my favorite girl on the show too, well too bad you two couldn’t go to Hawaii together. It’s good to know that this show isn’t totally fake like so many are saying and the participants are actually real people in life rather simply actors.

  • Choonage

    Props to having the balls to go on the show. I think being ABC you would have had even more pressure to represent and you would have faced harder questions from the girls. At the end, people not only need the courage but also know what they’re up against, and you did both. Awesomeness.

  • lol

    DO haters really bother you that much? imo there’s no point paying attention to them…most of them just have terrible, unsuccessful lives and need to take out their anger on someone, something. Good job on the show.

  • sheng lin

    dude, no clue you went on this show til one of my friend told me. lols. grats on winning man, fuck the hater!

  • Lee Miller

    Nice article, man! You did well. Proud of you.

    Lee, UK

  • Angie

    wow…interesting…i get a bit more insight of the programme lol….I thought each couple who wins MUST go to Hawaii together…at least now I know each of them has a separate ticket, and it’s optional to go or not. Interesting indeed!
    Congratulations to you for leaving the show with your dream gal…It doesn’t really matter that both of you are friends, at least you tried…if you never gave the show a shot, you’ll never find out!

    • Adam Gaden Scott

      Only if she really fancies you and lets face it more often than not at end of show and after all the hooplas and noveties had worn off, the girls do changed their mind n ditched their ‘allotted ‘ date…

  • Derek Xu

    The fatso with stupid chin hair looks like a gay child molester.

  • StinkieDurian


    She said she was looking for long lasting love though :/ doesnt want short term

  • Abby chen

    What’s wiht all da fucken CHINKS that are fucken stealing all of our jobs here in America? So many Chink engineers where I work, and I see a bunch of Chink doctors these days. College campuses are filled with fucken yellow skinned, dog eating, scum of the earth Chinks. So why da fuq are there so many of these little barstards and how da fuq are they coming into this country? I thought we banned them from coming here ever since they fuqqed up the railroads when they came here.
    I don’t like chinks. I have my biggest problem with chinks, all 1 billion of them. They steal whitey like me’s jobs and chinks overpopulate and come to every country in the world and then bring their opium, their rice, their Toyotas, and their horrible, nasty sweet and sour pork.
    Why da fuq are there so many chinks, and many chinks now are getting american or should I say, amellican citizenship and they are taking over the computer and auto industries. So many chink programmers in silicon valley a white man can’t even set his foot in the office these days.
    Why so many chinks? Should we deport them? They only bring bad and don’t bring good and they ate all of the dogs in my neighborhood to the point where everybody in my neighborhood began raising cats intead of dogs! Then they ate all of our cats and then began eating rats!
    They also shoot at the duck in our neighborhood and eat that! Chinks eat everything that’s alive! We need to not let chinks live in western society.
    They can’t blend in, they’re visible minorities who will always be chinks even if they are citizens and they smell real funky, like peee-yew!

  • Lisa

    You going there for experience? Most girls are serious to find some one to start. I am a Chinese girl. To me, green card is nothing. Most Chinese girls around me they respect themselves, likes reading books, they prefer a good educated man, with wisdom. If you can’t see these, you are not worth to have these girls.

  • Mark

    Good for you. Glad you enjoyed your, quite literally, 15 minutes of fame…

  • Ho fong lee

    congrats dude. who do we write to at jiangsu tv pls? pls advise asap. many thanks.

  • Chuck

    Thanks for sharing your experience of FCWR . I’m an avid fan of the show, and enjoy it because I like learning about what dating is like in China– what Chinese girls find attractive in men. I get your whole carpe diem mentality with this being a once in a lifetime opportunity but I don’t like the fact that being on the show was your main reason for going, and not meeting a girl. While I don’t know the true statistics of successful relationships post FCWR, MengFei did say that FCWR is simply an opportunity for a beginning, the contestants themselves need to work very hard on the relationship, just like any. With that said and not trying to single you out, I felt you went on the show not prepared to make the necessary commitments to keep a girl. This attitude among contestants hurts the credibility of the show.

    I have friends that tell me this show is fake, yeah it probably is, but there have been contestants who are genuine. I’ll continue being a regular consumer of FCWR.

  • Luna Shen

    My parents watch this show all the time, and i like it too. im actually pretty impressed because half the time i have to ask my parents what everyone’s saying, i could never actually be in the middle of all of that.

  • tenshi

    Too bad it didn’t work out for you. Some do work but I guess majority doesn’t. That’s just too bad.. esp if you actually liked her. :)
    This show was fun to watch at the beginning. But now it feels like the girls are just showing off their talents or lack of. Such a shame.. doesn’t feel like their aim is to look for “the one”. Hence I stopped watching. lol… ABC and native chinese will always have cultural differences.. that’s how I feel, no common language! Well best of luck in whatever you do! :)

  • moeimoei

    I’d go for him for a green card :P

  • Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m a fan of the show, and although I’m in the Philippines, I’m thinking of learning Mandarin again because of FCWR.

    I hope the other contestants can also share their experience on Quora: http://www.quora.com/China/What-is-it-like-to-be-on-the-Chinese-gameshow-Fei-Cheng-Wu-Rao-If-you-are-the-one

  • Phoebe

    Hi and thank you for sharing your experiences on If You Are The One. My wife and I have been wondering how many of the contestants end up in a relationship with the girl they leave the stage with, and this post pretty much answers it. I’m glad you found the experience positive. Greetings from Australia.

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