What if Chinese People Were the Dominant Race on Earth?

A white girl pinches Danny Ho's butt.

“We Are All One” or “當我們站起來” is a 10-minute sci-fi fantasy short film I recently completed that explores the touchy subject of how Asians (especially Asian men) are treated and portrayed in Western mass media and how it affects the perception of Asians in Western society. It features a Chinese student living in North America who wonders how things could be different if his people were the dominant race on Earth. When he’s warped into an alternate universe where the Chinese are indeed the dominant race, he discovers that things are not what he expected.

The film is not for those easily offended; however, this is the internet so I’ve got my flame suit on and I’m expecting a lot of flak regardless. I hope you find the film interesting and if you like it, share it with your friends. If you don’t like it, sound off!

More About the Film:

For as long as the medium of film has existed, from “yellowfaceCharlie Chan films to Breakfast At Tiffany’s to Sixteen Candles and most recently The Hangover films, Asians in North America (especially men) have been heavily stereotyped, desexualized and ridiculed.

Growing up in North America, I have witnessed a lot of Hollywood films depicting Asians in a stereotyped / negative light. They are made fun of, depicted as nerdy and weak, never “get the girl” in a film, or take a backseat to a Caucasian character for no good reason other than racism (Bruce Lee in Green Hornet). I made this film to show people that there is a genuine inequality in the mass media and we should never look at things without asking questions.

'Look who's in it, the main actor's a white guy!'

However, instead of attacking the sensitive subject of racial discrimination in the mass media head-on, I decided to create a film based on a script I wrote for my thesis film in film school that asks viewers to rethink what films are actually trying to imply when they are made.

I hope to be able to open the minds of viewers about how Hollywood films brainwash the masses with storylines and characters that cater to their ideologies and not necessarily present what is true (if you tell a lie a thousand times, it becomes the truth).

Ultimately, the theme of this film is how power, not race, dictates human behaviour, as whoever controls the mass media will ultimately be able to subconsciously influence our perception of one another.

Gao Bush and the United States of Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions / Comments:

Q: Low budget? How did you get those 300 Koreans in the film?
A: Coincidence!

Q: I’m a Black / Hispanic / Asian etc. woman and I’m offended that there were no women of colour in this film! You love white women only! You’re a racist!
A: Look closely, there’s actually a Middle Eastern / brown woman in one of the posters. Also, there were roles offered to women of colour in the film and they were included in the script, however it just so happened that on the days of filming they couldn’t make it and their roles were filled with women who happened to be Caucasian / of fair skin. I didn’t purposely omit women of colour in this film. I love women of all colours!

White female with Asian male interracial couple in Danny Ho's short film 'We Are All One'.

Q: I’m from Mainland China and I’m upset that you depicted us as under one banner with Taiwan!
A: It’s just a sci-fi fantasy film. Chill out. I’m Chinese-Canadian born in Hong Kong. I love everyone.

Q: I’m from Taiwan and I’m upset that you depicted us as under one banner with China!
A: It’s just a sci-fi fantasy film. Chill out. I’m Chinese-Canadian born in Hong Kong. I love everyone.

Title screen, featuring the symbols of the PRC, Hong Kong, and Taiwan together.

Q: I’m Japanese / Korean / South East Asian / etc. and I’m upset that you left us out!
A: It’s a short film. I cannot possible fit every single person in the world in a short film!

Q: I’m Caucasian and I’m offended! You’re a racist!
A: After a century of racist Hollywood films, I think I’m entitled to make a film how I see fit for my Asian audience. You should have seen the original script!

Q: I’m a human being and I thought this was brilliant!
A: Thank you. Please help spread the word and post this link to your social media networks!

Danny Ho as the AM in an AM/WF interracial couple in 'We Are All One' short film.

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  • hippie

    I’m a person, this is pure shit. You call others racist, you yourself are and just don’t know it. You have the ultimate small-penis syndrome.

    • Danny

      Did you watch the film? The film is about anti-racism, social awareness, and being united with every type of person whether colour, background, or culture.

  • DK

    Fuck yea! excuse my langauge but about time! I am ABC i feel strongly that we are still look down upon in this country. There’s stereotypes for every race but for asians and espeically Asian Men, we are looked down as “weak”

    • Preach on, brother!

      • P Ray

        Hope you have an IMDB page for this work – something cool to show off for your portfolio.
        Well done, I found the film interesting, especially the bit about being conflicted about what government does and the ordinary person being told to “obey”.

        • Danny

          Thank you

  • asdf

    LOL then explain why we don’t see many white guys successfully dating black girls in the US. Are white males depicted negatively by their own media? And how do black guys in China easily pick up local girls despite their negative perception in the Chinese media?
    Asians are just genetically small and feminine. Blacks are big and masculine. Whites fit somewhere in between. (on average, exceptions do exist). That’s why we mostly see asian girls with white guys and white girls with black guys. Rarely the other way around. You can change the media all you want, but this trend will not be affected. People aren’t equal. Stop living in denial.

    • Danny

      Hrm, perhaps we do judge things on looks. But you’re saying that what we are advertised day in and day out (to love and worship the white man / western culture, Hollywood stars, those A&F models) has 0 affect on our subconscious minds? That’s a bit far fetched and I don’t believe you. Did you know back in the 1900’s white women fell in love with an early Japanese Hollywood actor named Sessue Hayakawa? He was a sex symbol for Asian men. Then the war happened and no other Asian actor has come close to being an idol amongst white women other than maybe Bruce Lee. It’s called “The Slanted Screen”, a documentary that I hope you’ll watch. As for small weak Asian men, yes there are a lot of them, but can you blame them? They lack a role model like Bruce Lee in modern times to help raise their self esteem. Why? Because of mass media my friend…

      • asdf

        Well i personally have a hard time relating to this because I’m not especially attracted by most black or white girls. Asian media promotes “immaturity”/”Cuteness” as the ideal physical image while Western media promotes Sexy over-sized muscles, breasts and genitals. So I think as Asian media becomes more influential in the world, the dating ratios won’t change, but rather, the inferiority complex would be shoved more onto white girls rather than Asian guys.

        • I’m not sure I’m following you but allow me to ask you a question; are you an Asian guy? I’m an Asian guy and I actually prefer dating Asian girls. I don’t have a problem with dating non-Asians, but if I were to be honest with myself, I’m pretty much only attracted to Asian girls. Now what happens, when as an Asian guy, we live in western society / a western-dominated world where we find out that… *gasp*… our Asian women don’t like us in return? Obviously that’s not universally true, but you understand my point when you walk out into any big city and tend to see a LOT of Asian girl / white guy couples. Then you have to wonder… what is the reasoning behind that? Is it just because westerners are taller, more handsome, etc. more masculine like you said? Or is it because of social / political / cultural influences leading us to think that way (closer to what the “We Are All One” film is proposing)? Ultimately I say it’s a mix of both… because I see my fair share of Asian brothers who just don’t smarten up and man the **** up sometimes. Are you not affected by these issues at all? Or are you say, a post-modern / white-washed Asian who dates everyone and doesn’t really think much about it?

          • asdf

            Yeah Im asian. I fail to relate in the sense that I’m indifferent to how foreign girls think of me. I don’t really care either that Asian girls are dating White guys. What I’m pissed off about is that every time when there’s interracial dating involving white ppl, everybody assumes that it is due to the other race’s incompetence. Like if an asian girl dates a white guy, it’s because asian guys suck. If a white girl dates a black guy it’s black girls that suck. THAT is what the overbearing american media is having an effect on. Not their choice of who to date.

          • asdf

            Media does have an effect on attractiveness, but this effect works for both genders. Not just males. If asian media becomes more influential, More white girls might be attracted to asian guys, but at the same time more white guy would be attracted to asian girls. So overall, there would be no effect. If Asian culture dominated this world, then everybody would just think that Asian guys aren’t dating white girls because white girls are unattractive. Get it?

          • @asdf –>”If asian media becomes more influential, More white girls might be attracted to asian guys, but at the same time more white guy would be attracted to asian girls.” Not exactly. Asian women are ALREADY represented in the mass media, as submissive, hyper-sexualized, sex toys for white men to conquer. Asian men however are not. This is an imbalance. Therefore Asian women who grow up in western society have no troubles… because they are taught by western society to integrate with white culture by being white washed and being “that” kind of Asian girl that we see in the films / ads. As long as you’re an attractive, white washed Asian girl, you’ll do just fine. –>”If Asian culture dominated this world, then everybody would just think that Asian guys aren’t dating white girls because white girls are unattractive.” Actually… if Asian culture dominated the world… Asian men would think their own Asian women weren’t as exotic and “hot” as white girls… which is the exact opposite of what we know now (white guys think Asian girls are so hot and exotic).

          • asdf

            mmmaybe…. im not sure.

            But so far you’ve only mentioned how Asians fit into white standards. Can you imagine how White men can be belittled in an overbearing Asian media? perhaps as large primitive smelly neanderthals? but Im sure they won’t be so bulky if they just stopped working out. And how would the typical white girl fit into Asian standards of “cute”? Have you ever seen white girls wearing Qipao, kimono, or hanfu? they look horrible. . . while asian girls look gorgeous in western dresses or pretty much anything else.

            This is just a thought. I actually have no idea how things will play out the opposite way . . . .

          • Its implied in the film that white people in the alternate reality would be made fun of just like Asians are in this world (the Too Asian vs. Too White issue). It’s only natural. I didn’t have a large budget to play with, but in the original script I had non-Asians dress in Asian inspired clothing and walk the streets, a scene where non-Asians get surgery to look more like Asians, and had ads promoting the Asian look and dress code rather than a western one with huge muscles and etc… so you see… it IS all connected to mass media and social expectations. We grew up in a world where things are dictated by who runs the world… so we use that as a measuring stick. Want to be cool? Drink beer… buy Apple… buy Starbucks… go take photos with A&F models… etc.

          • asdf

            Too bad that’ll never happen. Our last and only hope of establishing new world order died along with Imperial Japan. You should stop whining about it now before white people start laughing at us some more >.>

          • asdf

            These films just remind all East Asians how pathetic we really are. I wasn’t even able to watch through the whole thing. Whats the point in making something like this . . .

            What are you trying to achieve? I’m curious. Or are you just venting your frustration? Most people don’t care at all about their national/cultural image. They just brainlessly conform to the most dominant culture in pursuit of money, social status, and sex. We can’t change or blame them in any way. I’ve already become apathetic towards this topic.

            I still highly admire your effort, however futile it is.

          • “You should stop whining about it now before white people start laughing at us some more” <-- Sounds like you're the type of coward who is afraid to stand up for oneself and only sides with who appears to be the strongest... like a Chinese who defects to the Japanese side in one of them Bruce Lee films, lol. Hey if you're a coward go ahead and be one; unlike you I won't stand at the back like a coward and point fingers without doing anything. "These films just remind all East Asians how pathetic we really are." <-- So you're a self-hating Asian... that's actually quite hilarious. You're exactly the type of person who has succumbed to peer pressure and western society. A white guy probably banged your sister too, and that's why you hate yourself, or else you'd have more balls, lol. Just a guess though. "Most people don’t care at all about their national/cultural image. They just brainlessly conform to the most dominant culture in pursuit of money, social status, and sex." <-- Sounds like you're describing yourself, LOL! Objectively, I have nothing against people choosing to be sheep, and obviously you're one of them with your defeatist, indifferent attitude towards life. You also missed the point of the film because I never wished Asians or Japanese to reform the world... but wait... you never watched the whole film, right? Then why are you commenting on something you have no knowledge about? Personally, I pity your closed-minded / condescending way of thinking and I'm glad I'll never steep to your level. You sound like you never achieved your dreams or goals in life, gave up, and are now venting your hate towards people who are actually contributing towards society. Not just for the money and sex like you said, you know? It's people like you that make the world a darker place to live in. Just my guess, though.

          • asdf

            I’m actively involved in many creative, cultural and humanitarian activities. Being blunt and honest in speech does not make anyone a less motivated person. I could lie and say that Asians are the strongest race, but that would be a dangerous act of denial. Also, by admitting honestly that other people are conforming to western culture does not dictate that I am automatically one of them. In fact it would indicate the opposite, since those who engage in this shameful behavior would either be reluctant to admit their wrongdoing, or completely unaware of it. So if i were really one of them, then why would i damage my self interest to reveal my own faults? Your logic is distorted beyond recognition.

            I did eventually watch the whole thing. If your video isn’t advocating reforms against Asian discrimination then what is the point of it? You tell me.

          • lol… I don’t understand what you’re arguing about really… you’re just kind of on a personal rant blabbing on about nothing coherent, being a troll albeit an ineffective one. I think its pretty easy to see why I made this film… but of course you need someone to spell it out for you so here it is: I made this film to raise awareness of social inequality in the mass media. It obviously elicited a response from you–no matter how large or small–so I did my job. Maybe you thought the film was pointless in your eyes because the themes presented were “non-issues” to you. Judging from the responses, you seem to stand alone with this opinion, though. Either way, have a good day, sir.

          • asdf

            As I said before, I highly admire the cause of your video. I merely think it is ineffective, and even a bit embarrassing. This type of “spreading awareness” might make a difference to our portrayal in western media, but it does so by evoking westerner’s sympathy towards East Asians. We should not spread awareness about our inferiority in hopes that white people will feel sorry for us and include some East Asians in their movies as an act of fairness. In the same way First nations are exempt from taxes because they keep whining about their own defeat. It doesn’t make a difference because THEY are still the ones in control. Not us. The only effective method to make any actual difference is to Improve our OWN media so that it out-competes its western counterpart on the international stage, thus forcing them to be the ones begging for compensation. This could only be achieved through violent military conquest or any other means to establish economic, political, and cultural dominance. Not by begging for mercy in someone else’s media.

            You’re right. I’m merely arguing for the sake of argument itself. Since I’ve recognized long ago that trying to convince other people through online comments is pathetically ineffective, and typically devolves into a rally of personal attacks. So I guess I was merely forcing you to rant out your opinions to satisfy my own curiosity. This really just shows that I regard you as an intelligent person and that I am very interested in your ideas. Please take it as a complement.

          • asdf

            “It doesn’t make a difference because THEY(White Americans not first nations) are still the ones in control.” Sry didn’t proof read.

          • So you think it is ineffective… well… that’s just like… your opinion, dude. Will Asian media take over the world someday? Who knows? Until then, I’m doing my part. Are you doing yours?

          • asdf

            I often try to raise awareness just like you, but i focus mostly on the value of East Asian culture, traditions, art, and architecture. Which, now that i think of it, is actually just as ineffective as promoting nationalism and social equality. I don’t know why I still persist. I’m guilty of the same mistake =P

        • k

          ……really? I dont know any white woman who feels “inferior” in looks to asia every right to disagree but I have never felt inferior in looks because i didnt look asian, I personally dont find asian women to be the most attractive, I think eastern european women are. And white women do not have “over sized genetalia” anymore then asian men have 1 inch penises and.asian women have hairy, crooked jungle vaginas. Thats such a disgusting description that is.hurtful. White people love being white, just like asians love being asian and blacks love being black, tc no race is superior.in looks then.the other and frankly i think im a very beautiful white.girl and.i would never want to look like any asian girl ever, even the.pretty ones, because i love my own naturally pretty face.

          • Kenneth

            Asian women are far more beautiful than any fat, ugly white girl.

          • Kai

            what about skinny, pretty white girl?

          • Moshan


          • impact glory

            ill be marrying an asian girl, ive dated all types of different girls and seriously hand on my heart can say Asians are far superior.. not only at just better looking, better personalitites, better in bed aswell.. :-)

            and it is funny cause the decent white girls, will often have dated asian men, or have asian beliefs are characteristics… I am born in the west very westernised. but ive started looking at things from a open mind as ive matured… and just look at the divorce rate, and amount of sexual partners an average white person believes is normal compared to asians…. lol white girls are either single mothers, or full of diseases…. or absolutely crazy…

          • Reo

            “asian men have 1 inch penises and asian women have hairy, crooked jungle vaginas.”

            Are you retarded?


            Support your whities…. penises then

          • impact glory

            totally dissagree, asians are far better looking and have better features, most white people do have giagantic features,, look at whit ebabies most are ugly.. the cuter better looking babies often have smaller balanced features like asians…. and asian babies are by far the cutest….

            even the white guy on the right you could pass off as half asian.. he has good features, not oversized.. some asians features are too flat… but the point is not to compare to white people because white peoples features are GIGANTIC oversized… it shouldnt be considered the norm..

            the problem is people consider white people the norm (because of mass media) propergander, and the template..

            …. but majoritie the standard asian features are far easier on the eye… which is why quite often half asian and white kids are extermely good looking.. but what makes them good looking most of the time is looking more asian.. that is fact…

          • Thor

            These are not facts. It’s just your beliefs. 100 % racist ones.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Well, with all due respect, have you ever considered the possibility that the underrepresentation of Asians (particularly Asian men) in films owes in part to the fact that Asian Americans are at the most 5-6% of the U.S. population?

        And of that 5-6%, the majority of them are first generation immigrants.

        Then, to top that off, Asians in the U.S. tend not to be geographically distributed, but are mostly concentrated in a few states and cities (like the San Francisco Bay Area in California, Hawaii, New York, etc).

        Now, suppose you’re a Hollywood big shot, and you want to make a film that will gross a significant profit. Is it wise to cast an Asian male as your lead, knowing that the majority of the overall American population (particularly the white American population) isn’t going to be able to relate to the main character, and as a result your profits might suffer?

        Well, as much as it may suck, that’s the reality as a small minority. Bruce Lee himself, upon being passed over for the role of the Shaolin monk in Wild West to David Carradine, wasn’t too bitter about it. The reason, as he acknowledged, was that is was a business risk. As he put it, if a white American guy were to come to Hong Kong and try to star in a major show, and if Lee were the producer in charge of the money, he too would have considered it a risk, as the acceptance might not have been there.

        I mean, do you think any Asian country such as China, Japan, or South Korea would produce films featuring minority leads in major films?

        (whether it’s ethnic Koreans in Japan, Southeast Asians in South Korea, Uighurs or Tibetans in China, etc)

        (Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I’m a white guy. Let there be no confusion there)

        • Bay Area Guy

          Okay, since I’m no expert on Asian film, perhaps there have been a few films with minority leads.

          However, I’m still willing to bet that they are few and far between.

          • Danny

            Thank you for bringing this up. What you are saying is correct. But what if I told you that I was making a mafia film and I was going to cast the main Italian mob boss as a black person? An Asian person? Does that make any sense? LOL! Unfortunately, even though you’re right about the financial standpoint, it fails as a relevant point because Asian characters are being white washed with white actors when they are genuinely Asian to begin with. That is what I am arguing here. It’s important to note that I’m not talking about your regular film role where anybody could play it, ie. a brown guy, Hispanic guy, etc. I’m talking about movies with Asian characters in them being completely ignored, and when they *are* represented they are represented as fat, old, bald, ugly, or gay. The Last Airbender, Entourage, Heroes, William Hung, are all good examples of this. I don’t recall Mortal Kombat flopping at the box office because Liu Kang was played by an actual Asian guy (the sequels started flopping because they were bad films, period). Fair enough?

          • Bay Area Guy

            @ Danny

            It’s important to note that I’m not talking about your regular film role where anybody could play it, ie. a brown guy, Hispanic guy, etc. I’m talking about movies with Asian characters in them being completely ignored, and when they *are* represented they are represented as fat, old, bald, ugly, or gay.

            That’s a fair point, and I completely agree.

            I’ve always been big on authenticity in this regard. Just as I think Asians should play Asian characters, I likewise cringe whenever I see a black guy playing King Lear in a Shakespeare production, LOL.

          • MeiDaxia

            Best examples of whitewash: The Last Airbender (from the Avatar tv show in which everyone is Asian) and Dragonball (hilariously awful film dominated by a white kid, Chow Yun Fat is his teacher, and there was an Asian girl too).

            This films could/should have easily floated with Asians playing the leads since they’re based on cartoons centered around Asia. They tanked in the box office for NOT being Asians, I think… because all the fans of the respective shows knew/expected them to be Asian. Now there’s the talk of live-action Akira being white people too? Gimme a break. Asians could easily succeed in these particular situations, though I couldn’t say a blanket generalization that they would succeed in all situations.

            Also, Asian men aren’t always emasculated? They play kung fu fighting bad guys, like in Bloodsport, or they’re in Asia specific movies a la Ninja Assassin. About the Hangover, the Asian guy was awkward/feminine because it was comic relief. He could have been white and European and played the part the same way… and still been fitting comic relief.

            (I’m a white guy with a Korean wife living in China, btw)

          • tawhaki

            I think in avatar the cartoon you can’t really tell what race they are, and I think it’s kind of the point, it’s not supposed to be important, it’s not earth anyway, plus Katara and Sokka have blue eyes, and if anything culturally are Inuit. That’s one thing about Japanese style animation, it’s hard to tell what race the characters are.

            And in the Dragonball movie, Yamcha is asian and Bulma is white, but people don’t ever bring that up. You should watch the movie “Roman Baths”, all the actors are Japanese and it’s supposed to be in Rome, I don’t really think it’s stupid, it’s a Japanese movie. I’m not sure I really think it’s a good idea for Hollywood to make Asian culture movies in general and vice-versa, but I think it doesn’t *have* to be terrible.

          • Airbender was pan-asian.

          • alive

            “you can’t really tell what race they are, and I think it’s kind of the point, it’s not supposed to be important”

            if it wasn’t supposed to be important, then why are most of the roles played are by whites? if most of the cartoon characters were asians, why aren’t most of the actors asians? seriously that doesn’t make any sense. fans of avatar would have WANTED the actors to be asian, yet hollywood decided to make them white. avatar could have had potential as a live action movie, yet hollywood fucked it up. but i would say that dragonball as a live action movie would of been a disaster from the start anyway.

          • Moshan

            Hollywood is constantly pushing the boundaries on ethnic roles.

            You had a black guy who played a Norse god in ‘Thor’, which is really laughable, actually.
            You’ll have Asian roles for white historical characters at some point, too.
            And you’ll have white roles for Asian characters.

            See the trend here?

          • Mateusz82

            Also, there are white people who are Asian… just as there are black people who are European, or yellow people who are American. You aren’t bound to a geographical location based on skin color.

          • @MeiDaxia

            Roles for Asian men being portrayed in a “manly” / “heroic” / non-stereotyped manner are few and far between. Like you said, Asian martial arts bad guys, those unfortunately, are a stereotype as well. They are typically an Asian gangster, or Asian martial arts good guy / bad guy. And that’s about it. No Asian romantic leads, no Asians in “normal” roles. It’s like they don’t exist out there. It’s *got* to be some kind of pigeonholed role, if you catch my drift. As for the Ken Jeong character, that’s basically an Asian Uncle Tom, not so much as just comic relief. Remember the penis joke in the 2nd film? Yeah, that was quite lame and cringe worthy. I remember when I watched that, I was thinking to myself “oh boy that took us back about 20 years”.

          • hess

            Well, how about you started watching Chinese movies then, chump? I live in China and I’m OUTRAGED at the lack of Swedes in the movies here! Oh wait, I’m part of a very, very small minority here in China.

            “Remember the penis joke in the 2nd film? Yeah, that was quite lame and cringe worthy. I remember when I watched that, I was thinking to myself “oh boy that took us back about 20 years”.”

            It’s a fact that asians generally have smaller peckers. Just as there are hundreds of jokes and references in movies about black people generally having bigger than white people

          • alive

            You don’t sound very “outraged” as you put it.

            While i honestly don’t give a flying fuck if there are fewer representatives of Asians in the media in the U.S., Americans have no fucking right to point fingers at other countries and get all imperialist on them. And don’t bother to bleat about how every country is racist. No other country in the world claims to be the greatest country in the world who repeatedly exports the idea of “equality” and it’s beauty of “diversity” other than the U.S.

          • strmv

            What about Germans with strong accents portrayed as nazis?
            I’m from Eastern Europe – the women tend to be portrayed as sex objects as well, pretty much always as prostitutes. The men are most often mindless criminals.
            And you thought Asians had it bad, at least Asians have plenty of positive stereotypes – being skilled, have you ever seen a movie where an Asian has been portrayed as stupid incompetent, in recent times? What about the fact that as mentioned by one other poster, Asians are stereotyped as being very intelligent.
            These are all based on stereotypes, welcome to the real world.

          • alive

            by being ‘intelligent’ you mean nerdy right? some people (particularly the in the US) stereotype that “all asians are smart” but its obviously a back handed compliment. its a comment not meant to be positive, rather a racist remark in disguise.

          • MeiDaxia

            @Danny Ho

            When you put it that way, I do actually agree with you. And also, kinda one of the points I was trying to make was that passing on Asian leads as in The Last Airbender, Dragonball (though I don’t know that anything could have saved that one), or the rumored Akira actually hurts the overall final product. Putting an Asian character in custom made roles would make the final product better.

            On the flipside, Asian men whom I’ve been around personally aren’t the chiseled, super-muscled guy who stars in hollywood action flicks. Take to the comic book universes of Asia and the USA: In the US we have huge, muscley heroes like Hulk and Thor, while Asia prefers manga-style characters with virtually no semblance of muscles. I’m not knocking either style, but simply pointing out this difference which, at least for American style comics, translates directly to the silver screen. Arnold, Stallone… those guys ARE muscle and are quintessential action stars of American cinema. It could be that we, as Americans, are pampered to expect the huge-muscle hero, because that is what we surround ourselves with, and therefore why an Asian (from my experience) wouldn’t/couldn’t fill the role? I can think of one Asian guy who had huge bulging muscles, he was the bad guy in Bloodsport. That’s about the only guy I recall…

        • Craig

          Hot women sell movies. Asian women are generally much hotter than white women. Your logic does not compute.

          • DRay

            NO!…… you’re crazy

    • PinkBarry

      We whities don’t date black girls because they’re loud and they all look like Charles Barkley.You meet a whitie who’s down with the ugga-bug every once in a while – but it’s pretty rare…

  • Anonj

    If Chinese people were the dominant race on earth… everywhere would look like China! (re: everything)

    • That would not be good. It should look more like Hong Kong / Taiwan. This is coming from a Hong Kong guy of course… take that for what its worth LOL.

      • asdf

        Hongkong as well as most of the Taiwanese cities are too modern and generic looking. I would prefer Suzhou, Nanjing or Xian. Which contain a good balance of both modern and traditional architecture. (not beijing though because i have trouble appreciating post Song dynasty art).

        There’s one thing i do love about Hongkong, and that’s the Junk boats sailing around their harbor. They should really bring those back in other Chinese/Taiwanese cities.

        • Wu

          I dont know if you have seen Suzhou recently… many of those wonderful water gardens I saw only ten years ago are gone or hidden behind some truly horrible “modern” buildings. I love(ed) those white plaster walls with black dragon-tiled tops, but even these are normaly damaged by nearby work and never fixed.

          Nanjing wasnt to bad last time I was there (3 years ago) but the parks there much larger, who know how many smaller sites are gone.

          IMO, on visits to Hong Kong and Taiwan is when I have seen the best preservation and also blending of Chinese culture. I look forward to visiting Taiwan next week.

          • ASDF

            There is no such thing as Taiwanese preservation. Almost all their traditional structures are modern reconstructions. They also overemphasize Imperial Ming dynasty architecture while neglecting all the other styles.

          • ElectricTurtle

            “Preserving culture” is not the same thing as preserving a building. Even a new thing can preserve culture. It is unsurprising that Ming styles would be emphasized considering the history of the place. Ever heard of Koxinga?

  • wacky

    i am not an american but interested in overseas chinese community all over the world, just want to ask a simple question
    why does it have to be white girl?? i have been to many asian american forums on the net and it is always white girls white girls and white girls, just do you guys have white fever the way the western media portray asian women with “yellow fever”?

    • Danny

      It’s not. Your question has been answered up there in the Q&A section. But most people will refer to white girls only because they are the natural antithesis to Asian women dating white men. Because of this so called “imbalance” I think most Asian guys just choose the white girl to talk about. I’m sure they are attracted to other women as well.

      • wacky

        one more thing, as an asian american do you think this af/wm, am/wf thing is the most important issue in asian american community? i have been to many asian american forums, and there is no one of those forum that dont have this topic.

        • Danny

          No. This film wasn’t about that. But it is certainly a byproduct topic of this domination issue as that’s how everyone on this forum (and everyone else for that matter) has responded to it. Strange isn’t it?

          • wacky

            well i know your film is mainly about asian representative on the media,
            but as a non american it is quite strange to me that this asian-white
            topic is on every forum i ve been to because it seems that asian
            american doesnt have a much deeper issue to talk about, when i go to
            chinese malaysian, thai or indonesian forum the discussions are about
            issues like discrimination, being integrated without loosing identity as
            a chinese, anti chinese policy, how to maintain or re-learn chinese
            culture, etc.
            well probably living in a developed country these kind of issued are not much of a concern anymore, i guess

  • Mr. counter opinion

    Interesting portrayal. I’ve always felt that Asians are quite often stereotyped in the ways that you illustrate. I don’t like it. Using art and/or media to reinforce those stereotypes only helps to spread ingnorance about that particular race. I’m not Asian, but I understand how this would offend Asian people. Nobody wants to be stereotyped. I myself living in China, I’m often faced with stereotypes as well, and a lot of that comes from how foreigners are portrayed in books, the media, the classroom, etc. I don’t find your film offensive at all. All you’re trying to do is bring people out of their comfort zone. When you do that, it makes people think.

    • Danny

      Thank you! But there are a lot of sensitive racist jerks out there that’ll always post hate comments or dislike your film for no reason.

      • asdf

        Hatred is only a response to one’s damaged self-interest. It is natural for the strong to be hated, and the weak to be loved. The day Chinese people are praised by western propaganda and treated “nicely” by western people would be the day we throw away our dignity.

      • Wu

        I think a lot of asian people forget the other sterotypes that come up for asian people as well;
        Hard Working

        They are still sterotypes, but I think asian might just have the leed for positive sterotypes.

  • mr. wiener

    We’ll it’s definitely fantasy, still like SF channel says: “Imagine greater”.
    Harmless stuff, anyone who is offended by this needs a reality check.

  • Ulfric

    I know you guys dont like your portrayal and such, but why are you all so obsessed with white women? You guys have it rather easy, believe it or not, when it comes to dating. You guys have a subculture of white girls (weabos/hipster chicks) if you want instant lay. Not to mention white men are labeled with “asiaphile” if they date more than one asian girl, but asian men can get with as many white girls as they want. Why do you guys really feel the need to fight an imbalance that is not really there?

    • Joe

      Honestly those “Asiaphile” girls are fucking creepy. It’s like they only collect Asian things, and the Asian guy is just another “thing” in their Asian collection.

      • Ulfric

        Arent Asian men the same way with white girls? They just want to fuck as many white girls so they can bra about it?

        • Moshan

          The guys who do that are racists, and racial fetishists.

          Also men who have racial insecurity, as they prize white women above all else.

          • Tyrsi

            Whatever happened to dating whomever you chose? Can’t someone be dating another person simply because they mesh well or fit well together rather than focusing solely on their skin color or their race??

        • impact glory

          I fucked loads of white girls :) but asian girls all day…… Asians are better looking.. Look younger for at leat 20 years extra aswell.

      • Tyrsi

        What do you classify as a “Asiaphile” girl tho? I’d been accused of being one simply because my boyfriend is Asian. People encourage Asians to date outside their race but still bash and criticize the people that they date without knowing a single thing about them.

    • Shade

      Well said!

    • Craig

      I’m a proud Asiaphile. There’s nothing wrong with preferring women that generally tend to be more beautiful and feminine (but thankfully not feminist (yuk!)).

      • Moshan

        You have yellow fever and you hate yourself and your heritage.

        You’re pathetic.

        • ElectricTurtle

          You just assert these things with no rational framework, which is a given considering that it would look pretty silly if you came right out and said ‘preferring the appearance of a race other than your own means you hate yourself and your heritage and are pathetic.’

          Such reasoning is both superficial and racist. Physical attraction is by nature superficial and wholly personal. If a thin person happens to like fat people or a tall person likes short people, or vice versa, does that mean they hate themselves too? It’s nothing but taste! It doesn’t say anything about a person’s character or morality, and indeed, long term relationships are rarely built primarily on superficial attractions. In order for people to mutually prefer each other, they must come to value the character and nature of the person they are with, regardless of the happenstance of one’s parents.

          I for one appreciate Craig’s honesty. At least he isn’t hiding behind some pluralistic pretense. Though for that matter, you could do with learning some pluralism so you could at least have some pretense of it, rather than apparently justifying the stereotypes of xenophobic Chinese people.

        • PinkBarry

          Tone it down there, Moshan. We white Americans love Asian girls because they’re super hot and, yeah, act like genuine women (unlike their American counterparts, by and large).

          • Richard Ricelli

            WHAT??? This white American male is perfectly fine with women that expect to have a voice and be treated equally. And hey ! I get laid as much as I want !
            What a bunch of insecure assholes posting. Real men are secure enough to be attracted to strong women. Say what you please to showcase your own weaknesses, but don’t lump all American men in with your pathetic attempts at chest thumping.

          • nitrostat

            I’m sorry to say this.. but what Moshan is saying is true. It’s because you hate yourself and your heritage.. you say that American counterparts don’t act genuine or they aren’t feminine? explain how that doesn’t correlate to your hatred for your heritage? and also would you ever consider that about your own mother.

      • Gianna

        So, you admit you date Asian women because they are Asian, and that you date them to get in their pants and move on to other like you’d change your socks (if you ever do). Got it. Thanks for proudly revealing to us the sexist douchebag you are. I think I commented on another post of yours above. Just one little observation I’d like to draw your attention on, if you may. You talk so bitterly about White women and worship the Asian ones like you’ve found Jesus. It sounds like you’re trying to somehow prove/take revenge on the women in your own race by proudly rubbing your Asian fetish in White women’s faces. Question is, who exactly do you think actually cares about this? I mean, besides you sounding absolutely pathetic and silly like a child who’s mad at his mommy for not giving him his favorite toy and now is taking revenge by getting it from someone else, and implicitly kind of being peripherically annoying. Who do you think actually cares? White women surely don’t. It’s not like they’re going to not have any men left to date, you know? I mean, what’s one less chauvinist asshole to date? I say, good riddance?

        • David

          Some of us don’t want a strong woman. We want a sweet woman that wants serious relationship, a woman more oriented on giving and receiving care than careless sex.

          Careless sex, strong opinions, etc. are not a sign of being strong. Mostly it’s the opposite. A strong person should know how to have a pleasing personality, and don’t let their insecurities dominate their character (by being obnoxious or having a hedonistic life that is counter-productive in the long term, such as careless sex, or careless eating).

          • nitrostat

            I think the sad part is that you think that all white women are strong… and I also think its sad that you think all white women act this way. GOod luck my friend… I wonder how you think of your own mother? surely if she is white, she also acts this way? how in the world does race have to do anything with personality? on a side note… I guess that would make you less of a man because you can’t handle strong women?

      • Lulu

        I’m an Asian woman and I agree with you, all things cannot be equal because women and men are different – marriage, children, and sex, cost women more than men.

        Therefore, before you so much as touch me, you must give me a house in a good school district registered under my name and my name only. My parents would need 1 million dollar to give me a glamourous wedding, and I would also need your social insurance number and your passport to insure against you becoming a deadbeat dad.

        If at any time you don’t answer your cellphone, or have the audacity to leave it behind, I will assume that you are cheating on me and gather my guanxi to beat the crap out of a faithless laowai.

      • impact glory

        Exactly white women are turning into trash… But everyones started to realise how much better asian westenrised men are to other men as partners… US calling asian men the bestbhidden secret bybthose that have dated them… For the same reasons white men love asian women other than having good bodies and on a average more attractive.. Their personalities are better and more exotic and intriguing. And make more loyal better partners…

    • Moshan

      Ulfric, if you think all hipster chicks are ‘an instant lay’ if you’re an Asian dude you don’t know anything.

      True, there are white women with yellow fever and you’re right to criticize the hypocrisy of many of these men. It’s only wrong as long as the Asian women are disproportionally in an interracial relationship.

      But still, a lot of what you said isn’t based in reality.

    • impact glory

      Alot of asian men thibk they want white girls cause its different. But im a chinese guy and ive dated anf mixed with all types of girls and there are nice girls and horribke girls in all races.. but now im older and more mature.. it is very rare u find decent white women… they all either single mothers. Sluts. Or feminists brainwahsed by reality tv and movies…. asian girls or eastern girls are more loyal and caring family orientated… i thibk thats the reason why white men prefer asian girls… asians are still traditional and have good values. Westerners have lost their culture and all blended into the samw thing… what we know as western culture…… there are benifits to both western and asian culture. But when it comes yo family and relationships… western girls suck… they are trashy as hell… very rare u find decent white girls..

      • Thor

        “Western” or “Asian” women…just a little bit of over generalizations… Can’t you realize you’re talking about hundreds of millions people there ? Do you ACTUALLY think they’re all the same ? Really ? Now that SUCKS.

        • impact glory

          Didnyou not read the part that i mention there are ofcourse good in bad in all races.. I hate stupid people that take things out of context like you…… How many white poeple use chopsticks??????? Exactly western values and asian values are different.. I am guessing you are white by the slund of it… Cause a asian knows more about western culture than westerners know about asians.. Which makes us less ignorant and know what we talking about…… So called western culture is not white culture hasnt been for years…. Westernnculture is now modernisation one world order kind of illuminati bullshit… Everyone that is westernized in cities weather in china. Usa. Russia. France Are all the exact same… Im talking about real traditions and culture… Which white people use to have once upon a time. Which is now completely lost and its a shame. White people that have good values in the west are called old fashioned.. Or bible bashers… Its a complete joke.. White people need to hold onto thwir traditional values of families before its completely lost….. Cause now its a generation of sluts and broken families..

    • Lulu

      EXACTLY! My brother got approached by girls before he was even interested in them (we are from HK, and lots of guys still prefer video games over girls in highschool)…simply because he was asian and male, thin and clean shaven.

      I find a lot of those white girls very annoying (because if the gender were switched it would be creepy), but they were pretty – I have the impression that the kind of Chinese guys whining about No Girlfriend would be very happy with them, unless they can’t stand Anything Japanese.

      Speaking of cosplay culture, the gender ratio is skewer – way more girls than guys, so a lot of the time male characters are played by female cosplayers. Just being A Guy Who Isn’t Ugly will net you a lot of points, and if you are asian as well, super points.

      I don’t know how much sex is going on (it probably vary from fandoms as well as locale), but if you want to consensually cop a feel (and therefore not get slap), your best bet is find out which male character out of a popular yaoi couple you resemble, dress up as that guy, and then find the fangirl who is crossdressing as your other half!

      Oh, as an Asian woman I just want to say I find the situation unfair, In movies we get stuck as hookers or useless arm candy, but Asian guys get to look cool and kick ass and be smart? As an Asian WOMAN I have to fear threats of rape – some monsters targetted a Japanese woman because they think Asian women won’t report the rape (she did though, kudos to the poor girl). Sexual politics is such that I lose more respect sleeping with a guy who fetishizes me, vs an Asian man who sleeps with an anime fangirl who fetishiszes him, he’ll get a pat on the back. Plus, being physically strong, he’s probably never had to fear rape from girls at the anime convention!

      The above BS is why I frequently crossdress as an Asian guy – BTW: the women flirting with me is much more respectful than the men…though that might be because I didn’t go near an anime convention, I just crossdress to avoid being paranoid about groping on the bus.

    • Xio Gen

      You do realize that anime and hipsters aren’t mainstream, right? Most people don’t watch anime and most people aren’t hipsters.

    • impact glory

      Because there is infact a false potrayle of adian men in the media.. Which makes alot of girls think less of asian men before they even know them… If we turned it riund and asian men were all the lead actors and just hired white guys to eat burgers .. Would you moan about it??? Lol cause thats what its like…. For example ive experience times when i know plenty of white girls like me but they are unsure…. And that is because im asian and they worry ehat others will think…. But after getting to know me and they see me with my friends and thst im kool they are all over me….. If that weak asian potrayle wasnt there to start eith… They wouldnt of had to think twice by judging me to start with….. Where as obviously white ppl dont get that…. But the asian girls that end up with white guys arent normally the good ones.. Haha but i do judge white men tbh.. I always consider white men that date asians a. Ugly whote men that cant get a white chick lbecause most that do are either… Mail brides ex prostitutes or due to the asian men potrayle just think white men are cooler….. But ofvourse this aint always true.. Some great looking black. White. Spanish date asian girls too… My problem isnt whose datong who.. Its the medias potrayle of asian men.

  • Marian Rosenberg

    Will you be putting this film up on youku or tudou? Some of us slackers still don’t have vpns and can’t get youtube.

  • Will

    That was totally awesome! Favourite bit: The Chinese traffic lights.

  • alien

    good. i dont care who runs what. in fact all leaders can’t do a freaking thing right. so if you want that responsibility. go ahead. you’ll fail just as everyone else has.

  • Caomengde

    Cool Film, Bro. Could you also uploaded onto Youku so I can share the link with my Chinese bros on the Mainland (Youtube is blocked there) . Thanks!

    My only gripe with the film was the lack of women of colour making it looks like all the Asian bro wanted is just to date white chicks, but then I saw your Q & A, more power to you!

    As a proud FOB (I came here when I was 13 and stayed on for 20+ years), I sometimes feel my ABC brothas are little too sensitive about the race issue. Confidence and a little bit fashion sense goes a long way to attract members of the fair sex, regardless of color(Having good looks helps too :p).

    About Hollywood, the studios and their executives only concern about making money (as well as they should). With the majority of this country still being white, it’s normal that they would cater to the perceived taste (or fantasies ) of the “mainstream”(ahem, white male). Their standard is “would this play in Peoria?” (as in Peoria, IL). Having actually worked in Peoria for few month back in 2002, I can say that it’s a fairly lily white world.

    Overall, Great Film! Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m one of those rare ABC/CBC brothers who can actually maintain 50% of my roots and 50% of learning from western society. I have no gripes about anything, I wish my Asian brothers would just man up and like you said, be confident and dress better. But I’m also one of those people that feel I need to stand up and talk about something that so often is talked about amongst Asian dudes but overlooked. As for the Hollywood trying to make money thing, someone asked a similar question / proposed a similar opinion and here’s what I had to say:

      “But what if I told you that I was making a mafia film and I was going to cast the main Italian mob boss as a black person? An Asian person? Does that make any sense? LOL! Unfortunately, even though you’re right about the financial standpoint, it fails as a relevant point because Asian characters are being white washed with white actors when they are genuinely Asian to begin with. That is what I am arguing here. It’s important to note that I’m not talking about your regular film role where anybody could play it, ie. a brown guy, Hispanic guy, etc. I’m talking about movies with Asian characters in them being completely ignored, and when they *are* represented they are represented as fat, old, bald, ugly, or gay. The Last Airbender, Entourage, Heroes, William Hung, are all good examples of this. I don’t recall Mortal Kombat flopping at the box office because Liu Kang was played by an actual Asian guy (the sequels started flopping because they were bad films, period).”

      • Kong

        Have you even seen real Italy? There are black guys and South Asians EVERYWHERE. Why can’t a mafia film star a black or asian person? Why can’t a white guy know martial arts? Even if there weren’t many black or asian people in Italy, what’s wrong with film, as an art medium, depicting it anyway? What about halfsies? Half-asian-half-white, do you count them as white or asian? Half-black-half-asian? What about a quarter? What if it turned out Justin Chatwin had asian heritage? We react to what we perceive. Race is cultural and not genetic.

        Don’t get me wrong, I get what you’re trying to say, but race is such a tricky thing, it’s easy to demonstrate how the lines get blurred. Racism is when you define something by the culturally-bound stereotypes of race. It’s not necessarily good or bad, right or wrong. Reverse racism is still racism.

        Furthermore, what about the difference between “asian-americans” and “asian”? People whose parents grew up here, they grew up here, feel little connection to some foreign country…? Can you so easily dismiss them as “white-washed”? I would find that horribly insulting and bigoted.

        Does it make sense for film to marginalize asian americans? No, not really, but you can see those demographic and cultural changes in television. More diversity of race and character. Television relies on attracting a wide audience, while big-budget film does not. I’d be far more upset about persistent stereotypes in television rather than movies.

      • Kong

        Sorry, I hit “post” before I meant to. I wanted to add that I enjoyed your video and think it has value, and it’s certainly at least worthy of having conversations around. I just wanted to point out just how thorny these ideas about race and stereotype can be. Bias is often a difficult to see.

  • Caomengde

    Seriously bro, you need to upload it on youku. The procedure is fairly simple, you just need to register for a youku account, it’s quick and easy.

  • Caomengde

    If you don’t mind, I could upload the clip on Youku.

    • I am doing it right now, thanks. If you could please, share the link afterwards on China’s forums, etc., as I don’t know which forums Chinese people populate most. Thanks brother! I will have a link soon!

  • samchina

    Thanks for summing up the fact that the US is still basically a white-European dominated, xenophobic society. Disparities in immigration and birth rates will change this pretty soon, but the predispositions of racist Hollywood were cemented long ago. Conversely, in Chinese fictional or historical/fictional media, the “white” guy is generally portrayed as the bad guy. “Western” food and customs are generally looked upon as being part of some monolithic other culture. Orientalism was rejected a long time ago in academia, yet the effects of this pernicious, pseudo-scientific subject, and European colonial-era mentality that developed alongside it, continue to haunt humanity because their respective effects are now well ensconced in the collective memories and cultures of many. While masculine East Asian heroes and leading roles are few and far between in American media, any intelligent person can recognize the bias there, but you are going to have a harder time convincing the generally quite racist population of the states. In a less overtly sexualized era, Chinese men were viewed by white-American men as powerful sexual deviants, and a threat to their own manhood, which is just as absurd as their current general portrayal. You are guilty of the same lumping, conflating Asian and Chinese; the truth is, “Chinese” people in their various diasporas are quite heterogenous, just like so called “white people.” The goal of this film is admirable, and as “white dude” who speaks fluent Mandarin and shitty Korean, I think it would be dope to have more Asian-American men play larger roles in films of all types. It will happen, but more initiative has to come from independent film makers, because Hollywood is largely set in its ways until some larger commerical incentive exists to incite change. The economic rise of mainland China and the subsequent jump in media consumption is going to kickstart the trend, and further integration with South Korea and Japan will help as well. Dumbing the issue down isn’t going to help though.

    • samchina

      Also, Chinese people are not a “race”, and there is no such thing as “race”, unless you are talking about some socio-political and cultural cohesiveness due to humans everywhere repeatedly mistaking minor outward phenotypical differences for something worth classifying. The notion of race itself is racist and any anthropology professor can break down how stupid and false such notions are. Not saying we live in a post-racial world, because our misconceptions about “race” have affected the entire world in incalculable ways, just observing that their is no genetic basis for “race” as a dividing line for anything, only shared histories and phenotypical proximities.

    • Shade

      I have to agree with you with one exception. Asians are actually for the most part the most well received race ti the white population. Do you know, it is usually presumed if your asian, your very smart amongst the white population? The only races whites generally have issues with are blacks and sometimes mexicans. Your post was well written.

    • Moshan

      Stop hating yourself and celebrating the downfall of your people.

      Despicable human sewer.

  • hippie

    Danny, you are racist. Every time someone says something, your rebuttal is calling them some negative name because they don’t conform to your view. You seem to be looking for self-reinforcement. Also…this is one of the stupidest videos I’ve ever seen. Get your head out of your ass and be a human.

    • Not really. Go read all the comments. People who have stated legitimate and intelligent responses, I have nothing but praise for them for bringing up good points, and expanded upon those points with my response(s). It’s only when the troll, hate comments show up, blabbering on about something they have no proof of, that elicits a more personal response from me, because I need to call them out on their BS. You may think the video is stupid because it doesn’t represent your view of the world, and you’re entitled to your opinion. A lot of people seem to be agreeing with me though, so evidently you’re wrong and I’m about as racist as the next guy.

  • donscarletti

    Sigh, Asian guy lusts over white women thing.

    You know, there are a bunch of white women who actually LIKE Asian men and would go out with you if you had the balls to ask them out rather than making this stupid video.

    • Danny

      Another guy who ignores what the real point of the film is about and goes after the Asian interracial dating angle… seems like that’s the only thing that lingers in your mind. How do you know I don’t have balls? How do you know I don’t date women (white girls in your case) on the regular? Thanks for the non-constructive and ignorant comment. You can go back in line with the sheep.

  • kmng

    An interesting subject in theory, but when you made the video you turned it more into ‘What if China governed the USA?’ as opposed to a piece on Asian representation in Western media.

    Besides, stereotypes exist for a reason – lets be honest – no matter how far removed from their original reason they have become. Blanket statements, while not scientific, can still feel accurate, and looking at some of your comments, you are guilty of this too:

    “if Asian culture dominated the world… Asian men would think their own Asian women weren’t as exotic and “hot” as white girls… which is the exact opposite of what we know now (white guys think Asian girls are so hot and exotic).”

    • kmng

      – oh, and the girl’s accent was very interesting

  • HXM

    Apologies in advance for the long comment, and also thanks for speaking out on this issue.

    RE: the Q&A, admittedly my sense of irony is a little off today, so I am not sure what to make of these. If you had posed similar questions to a Hollywood producer re: absence of Chinese roles; absence of women of colour; or lumping Koreans and Japanese under a generic “Asia” represented by Chinese and they had responded in a similar fashion, would you have been satisfied if they answered as you did? Re: the caucasian question and your answer, is this a tacit admission that your film is racist, but hey, its okay because lots of others have been racist towards you? Will we reduce racism in the world by giving everyone a chance to be bigoted?
    If these q&a’s were strictly intended to be taken as sarcasm then I am misreading them, but if not maybe you could reconsider.

    I am totally supportive of efforts to make media and pop culture more friendly and representative towards all segments of society, but I really object to the undertone that I see in some of these efforts that seem to send out the message that “Hey, white people, you are all bigots and here’s why!” I think it identifies racism as a problem only worth discussing as long as racists are white, whereas I view racism as a problem in all societies.

    Also, would you consider posting the full script or paper that this came out of or a link to your blog if you have one? Would love more context on your thinking here. Why does the African-American decide not to take a second drink at the end of the film? Would you have written differently if you had adopted the viewpoint of a Korean- or Japanese-American?

    Thanks again…nice to see something thought-provoking here.

    • Danny

      Hello there. Some questions in the Q&A were sarcastic, because as you may have guessed, there are always those “critics” that come out of the woodwork and ask silly questions to try and stir the pot for no reason other than to entertain themselves, so yes, those Q’s were answered for them. Some Q’s I answered in-advance before anybody asked as to let them know my intention, even though I shouldn’t be doing that as a film maker as it should “say what its supposed to say”. The original “script” wasn’t that much different from the final product, it just included a little more facts that could come off sounding even angrier than it may already sound, which I felt was beating a dead horse / quite enough already. Funny you mentioned, Asians watched this film and said that I wasn’t racist enough. Now that’s hilarious.

      Never did at any moment did I say hey let’s fight racism with racism. Actually that’s completely opposite of what the film is talking about. It presents the reality that no matter who’s in control… we’ll probably always be biased towards others (if we let it happen). The real underlying goal of course is to raise awareness of the issues presented in a light hearted manner.

      The drink is merely a device for our protagonist to have a hallucination. You could replace that with marijuana, an electric shock, whatever. There is no significance of the African American friend not taking another sip. Some details are thrown in there for the audience’s amusement (if they can pick it up), such as the protagonist “tasting the future”… etc.

      Lastly, I cannot speak for Koreans or Japanese in the western hemisphere because I don’t think I have the right to do so (I’m Chinese), so I did not directly attempt to, but still touched upon things from an Asian perspective. Overall, I think that is quite enough and I don’t think it would have been much different from a Korean / Japanese POV other than slight details like Japanese-Americans in WW2 (then again… I’m not them… therefore I should leave it alone). The entire picture remains the same; the misrepresentation, bias, and racism presented in the western mass media towards Asians, especially Asian men. Basically, Asians are the only group of people in modern day that can be made fun of in movies and have people leave the theatre and “get away with it”. It sounds like an angry, victimized statement, but there’s proof of that everywhere, most recently in Hangover Part 2 (already touched upon at another comment). Just the other day on some random TV sitcom show one character used the “me love you long time” line at some poor South East Asian character. LOL! I was like… hrmmm… does this shit really happen on a day to day basis? Its worse than I thought!

      • HXM

        Thanks for taking the time to answer so carefully…not often you get that with a filmmaker after viewing their work.
        I really agree with what you say about the need to question, and bias arriving no matter who is in control. Only point of quibbling would be the idea of Asians being the ONLY group that can be made fun of in movies…they ARE made fun of, but so many other groups, racial and otherwise, are either mocked or disrespected with little consequence.
        Keep up the great work! Nice to see some Canadian content out there!

        • Danny

          Thanks. I am Chinese-Canadian so I decided to make a film I could relate to. Again there is discrimination against other groups of people, but I am not “them”, therefore I could not / would not attempt to make a film that talks about all of their struggles as well. Good day.

  • M.L.

    I haven’t watched the film because from the description it sounds like a whiny, identity politics, “I want to feel oppressed”/”Please think of us Asians as unmodel minorities, we’re angry too, like, you know, blacks” sort of thing.

    I really don’t understand this subset of Asian (East Asian, to be more accurate) communities in Western nations who seem so envious of the – for lack of a better word – ‘victim status’ of other minority groups such as blacks and so-called ‘Hispanics’ (many of whom are actually white), etc.

    Stop being such a whiny loser. Everything isn’t a ‘racist conspiracy’. Get a life. I think this is largely simply a matter of misplaced sexual frustration. I think it goes something like this: Asian person has the hots for caucasians of the opposite sex, feels some weird sort of racist guilt or shame about it, and tries to rationalize it away by making it all the result of a vast white racist conspiracy.

    Again. get a life. Just keep hitting different bars, you’ll eventually find a white woman into Asian guys. It just takes persistence. But be forewarned, your racist guilt will really kick into overdrive once you’ve betrayed The Tribe by sleeping with The Other.

    Oh yeah. by the way, here’s a free anthropology lesson for you: Middle Easterners are in fact caucasian, and many of them are virtually indistinguishable from Southern Europeans, so the so-called ‘brown middle eastern woman’ you mentioned is still a caucasian. Just sayin’…

    • Danny

      I never watched Top Gun, but I think it’s a movie about top gunslingers… right?

      I never watched Cast Away, but I think it’s a movie about a crazy man who lives on an island with a volleyball… I think.

      I never watched the film that this blog post is about, yet I choose to assume what I “think” its about–based on the title and description–and proceed to make myself look like an ass.


      Watch the film buddy. It’s about anti-racism and Hollywood / western bias towards Asians, not about interracial dating or being a “whiny loser”. Or maybe its too multi-layered for you.

      A free lesson on not being a smart-ass because no one likes smart-asses: you know what I mean by a brown woman; it means I’m not a racist and I wanted everyone to be in the film… so yeah I have no idea why you tried to pull that move. Fail.

      • Dude, he read the description. He knows what the film is about. And your whole example of Top Gun or whatever is silly. There are trailers and Wikipedia pages and cultural references to these movies in the same way there is a lot of outside knowledge about this movie that make people have a fairly good idea of what each film you referenced is about. As noted, you even said, “It’s about anti-racism and Hollywood,” which is basically a rehash of what the above commenter said in his description of the film.

        • Danny

          Dude you got it all wrong. He’s talking about misplaced sexual frustration from not being able to get white women because “we don’t go hit on them out in bars and talk to women”. The film is talking about the racist Hollywood films that dog on Asians especially Asian men. You and I can be successful and popular with women regardless of race, and still wouldn’t change the fact that these are the kinds of films Hollywood likes to make. Looks like everybody just wants to talk about the retarded interracial imbalance angle (which not at any point in the film was it brought up) to disregard everything else the film points out… sigh.

    • Your comments are largely accurate.

    • If Asians are considered a “model minority” because their SAT scores are on average the highest of other racial groups, etc, then whites would logically also be considered a “model racial group.” White SAT scores and other factors that factor into the “model minority” claim are 2nd or 1st in some categories. Should we be try to “feel oppressed”, too?

      • wacky

        then why do you have this “model minorty” on the first place?? did asian any asian come to some kinds of govt department and asked to be labeled as so?

      • SuperHappyCow

        Actually, African immigrants are the most educated of any group, per capita. D:

        • Shade

          HAHAHAHA You’re a total retard if you believe that. Per capita the only thing blacks have achieved here is being the most IMPRISONED per-capita because of their criminal activities!

          • He’s talking about African immigrants, not American-born blacks.

            Learn to read.

          • SuperHappyCow

            That’ll be the day, when this shithead Shade explains to me how the world works. He’s the kind of dumbass that could read off statistics about how more blacks commit more crime, etc, etc, but couldn’t tell me why is it that an extremely high amount of blacks get arrested for having a drug everyone know is benign, like marijuana, yet whites possess and smoke it more often, but don’t get arrested.

            He’ll then mumble and stumble about how America is a post-racial society, while I awkwardly try to point out to him that I was talking about African immigrants to the U.S. And I’m the supposed to be playing the “fucking retard” here.

            Shade, kill yourself, tenth-wit.

          • A super happy cow, you are not.

          • Moshan

            But it’s still not true. 70% of all Indian immigrants have a bachelor’s degree or more.

            African immigrants are highly educated, but still below that of European immigrants and below that of Asian immigrants and especially Indian-Asian immigrants.

        • strmv

          Yet, it doesn’t matter.
          Only the ultimate cream of the crop makes it to the US or even Europe (talking about African immigrants here). These are usually from presidential or very rich families. So, per capita it doesn’t mean much. This simply proves that African legal migrants have an extremely strict filter applied when wanting to immigrate to the so-called west.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Having recently been in college, and currently taking classes, I’m amused at the idea that so many of these Africans are simply “rich” or from “Presidential” families. Like most of the Koreans or Chinese that come here DON’T have any money.


          • strmv

            Most Chinese do have plenty of money.

            And since you’re in college, look up selection bias. In 2010, 10% of permanent immigrants to US were from Africa, as opposed to 42% from Asia. Population of Asia is roughly twice that of Africa. So therefore, the selection process for Africans is more strict.

          • SuperHappyCow

            We all know those things, but this is your only real assumption:

            “These are usually from presidential or very rich families.”

            Which has nothing to do with education level.

  • selang

    ya know what?

    this concept of being a leading race is stupid.
    go ahead. you want that? take it.

    the entire concept just fills the minds of insecure people whom could have much better things to do such as combating homelessness or some other social issues.

    since about 10 years old I realized that the entire human race is faulty.

    uh yea I am Caucasian but my skin isn’t white as the area on this webpage.
    nor do i think Chinese people’s skin is yellow like a banana.

    so the entire concept is wrong. not to mention its totally stupid.

    but i do think that the “white” people whom consider themselves establishment are really phucked up.

    personally i do not care who is on top. because once you get there you are not a human anymore. you become a greedy, corrupted person.

    yellow, white, black..

    Can I get a green or pink???

    stop placing colors on people and learn to know them for what they are, not what you see.

    it probably would serve the world well if we all were blind for 6 months.

    • Danny

      The film is about anti-racism. It promotes people to see that “We Are All One”.

      • Gianna

        How’s it that you have to explain what the video is all about to every person who criticizes the video without having watched it? LOL Fun, huh?

        • Danny

          Yeah, it seems like nobody actually watched the film and came on to flame on about what their thought was on race / dating issues. Pathetic. Oh well. Sheep will be sheep.

  • Rick in China

    I LOVE “Q: I’m a human being and I thought this was brilliant!”

    I would wager that in the FAQ, not only are the questions created by and or modified heavily by the poster, but the answers are tailored to suit the questions he’s tailoring. Nonsense either way. The reason I mention this….is………

    The premise, in his words, is that owning media manipulates minds. He’s trying to own media by misinterpreting public potential issues with his film and answering accordingly, where many viewers would follow along and say “Yah..that makes sense” when in fact it’s exactly what he’s protesting – or is it.

    Just a joker along the lines of sister Feng trying to make his way. Either way, props for this, but it isn’t making any points, and both the titled and explained premise are nonsense, keep dreaming son.
    Separately, it’s not a unique dream by ethnically Chinese people that Chinese is the dominant race on the planet. It’s built into your education and daily life in many aspects. Even the name of the country, the “middle kingdom”, is implied to be the center of everything. There are so many texts and works spouting about how China is/will be the center of humanity and the “heavenly kingdom on earth” it is absolutely surprising to me that this is the first video following-up on this diseased thought that I’ve seen. When I say diseased thought, I’m not saying being proud of your heritage is wrong, I’m saying the concept of a supreme or superior race on the planet is why HITLER existed, and is absolutely a misconceived/ignorant thought. Yes, I said it, the film maker is following in Hitler’s footsteps. SEIG HEIL.

  • Joe

    I don’t know what to make of this short film (yet) but the billboard for the Iphone 5 in the alternate world, ghastly! I couldn’t help but cringe upon witnessing that!

  • Welp

    I can’t believe this trash actually exists. He should have started by seriously looking at the portrayal of foreigners in Asian media if he wants to get his panties in a twist.

    • guest

      foreigners are actually portrayed pretty well in asian media. even in small roles they would be portray as have high positions like CEO or high rank police officer etc.

      • HXM

        Pretty well or pretty limited? Even in small roles, or only in small roles? Here is Chinese director Zhang Yimou’s take: “In the past, foreign characters were almost like decorations, they
        didn’t have flesh and bones.” Speaking mainly of white people, sure, they are portrayed well if you don’t mind being cast as a pervert or a 人肉提款機, or, if you are a woman, as a slut, but above all as something FOREIGN, ie., not belonging in China. Hardly a welcoming image. As for images of black people or people from other ethnic backgrounds in Chinese media….don’t get me started. If you don’t mind being a decoration, great…

        I like what Danny Ho is trying to do, get people to look at things from other angles to highlight hypocrisy and injustice, to question realities presented by powerful media, etc., but I really disagree with the victim narrative, because it seems to assume that Asian men are uniquely victimised by WASPy Hollywood moguls out to get them, rather than recognising that there is latent and not-so-latent racism in all societies…

        • Paul

          Yeah, lots of latent racism (and not so) in China and Japan, and fairly one dimensional portrayals of foreigners in Chinese media (and if you can sing in Mandarin in a funny costume and are a foreigner, you’re pretty much guaranteed tv time), as you say every society has latent racism. A white kid growing up in China or Japan would experience as much, if not more baggage as the film maker has had in Canada. But then he won’t listen to that because that doesn’t fit in to his victim mentality.

      • Foreigners have very mixed portrayals in Asian media. I live in Asia. I know. For example, in the Chinese media, foreigners are portrayed as savages trying to take over the Diaoyu Islands or steal Confucius as their own. That would be Japanese people and Koreans, both of whom are foreigners in China.

        As for Americans and Europeans, sometimes they are portrayed as drunken thugs who assault innocent Chinese women. A CCTV commentator even went crazy after one British person committed an attempted act of assault and then made hateful comments against all Westerners and caused a stir for some time.

        Hong Kongnese people were referred to as “dogs” after one Mainlander caused a stir by eating noodles and then getting into an argument on a Hong Kong subway car.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Some of the above media coverage stems from logical reasons. I like living here, and I don’t care about the media coverage of foreigners broadly.

        • wacky

          the issue of diaoyu island is a real issue not a made up stereotypical one, and korea did acknowledge confucius as korean.

          as for the yang rui comments you forget that he said that most of the foreigner are still respectable people with a good job but illegals and those with no job who stay to shuck up resources must be kicked out of china, which i agree.
          if any western country think that immigration has exceed the limit and those immigrant (illegal one of course) are starting to make problems then kick them out as soon as possible. anyway my favorite immigration system is more like dubai one they invite foreigner (either expats or workers) to work and earn money only, which means no citizenship ever.

      • Scytheria

        But this is the problem. Chinese media portrays two kinds of foreigner – the super rich CEO who lives in luxury and the back-packing bum who can’t get by without scrounging. This nicely mirrors the Chinese experience, where society is neatly divided into the haves and have-nots. The media rarely dares to show the foreign people in between these two extremes because that would immediately reveal the difference in standard of living. When I tell Chinese people that I am a teacher, they assume I am at the bottom. When I tell them I own my own home, two cars, go on holiday twice a year and live quite well it shatters their two-pole image.

  • jamasian

    I like it lol I know it sounds bad but I was looking for the other colors of women too. In the end I don’t have a problem with it because it shows that white women would be the “tokens” in that society. You know in hollywood light skinned black women and asian women are the main “tokens”.

  • FAQ: I’m a Caucasian, and I’m offended! I’m entitled to be offended, because the FAQ section quoted people of other races as being offended, and the concept behind the film itself is based on your being angry/offended/annoyed by racial issues!

    In the FAQ section, you also said that many Hollywood films depicted Asians are racist and that if whites are offended by your film you’re entitled to make it anyway because its your film. I agree! And anyone who makes a film should be entitled to make it anyway they want it outside of inciting violence or libeling people. Whoever made Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon and those other Jackie Chan films was entitled to put Chan in the role he played, being an Asian detective who is naive about Western culture, because he was playing a specific role (many Asians who have never been to America or who are new to America are indeed naive about American culture, a fact, which, I should stress, doesn’t have a positive or negative value attached to it. FYI, there are many things about Chinese culture which I am naive about.), and he played it well and was entertaining and talented in that role, even though many aspects of his character would fall under what many have identified as stereotypes about Asians in film.

  • dim mak

    Asians ARE the dominant race on earth

  • Considering that Han Chinese are the world’s largest single ethnic group, at over 19% of the world’s population, the present state of the earth is a good example of an ethnic global profile dominated by Chinese, and should suffice to answer the question imposed in this film. But the important questions to be asking are not about race, they’re about cultural values and individual principles.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Hahaha, I’ve thought of this before when I was a child. The idea of reverse roles on Earth is always an interesting mind-experiment.

  • Ugh

    It looks like that according to this film, even if Chinese were the dominant race on Earth, the standard of beauty for women at least is still white. Architecture is still European. Apparently the only difference in this imagined world is that Chinese would be the majority language and that Chinese men would be considered more attractive. This film misses the opportunity to explore the issue in any meaningful way and comes off as being another whiny “Asian males are oppressed!” film…

    • Wooo

      Dude they’re mocking the way Hollywood has it today where the girls are always a pretty ethnic minority, so in this film it is switched to white girls with nonwhite men. It’s even in the first minute of the video. Get over your preconceived bias.

    • Craig

      “the standard of beauty for women at least is still white”

      That’s beyond laughable. Asian women are mostly still ladylike, age slower, and are on average more attractive that white women. Western women have mostly become fat, needy and obnoxious dumptrucks.

      “Architecture is still European”

      Also laughable. Clearly you’ve never travelled anywhere in asia, except perhaps a tourist hub or two. I guess you weren’t too impressed with the McDonalds architecture.

      Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re own, biased, probably untravelled perspective is a global consensus.

      For the record, China represents the largest single race on the planet. Their economy is also growing like no other. What exactly is meant by “dominant”? Media influence in your own little microcosm (that you naively seem to think is universal)? Warmongering dominance, which the US seems to currently excel at?

      You have the kind of ignorance that can only come from living in the same small area for a lifetime.

      • Moshan

        You missed the point entirely, Craig. He wasn’t talking about Asia as it is today, but rather how the film portrayed an ideal world – basically a racial fantasy of domination where he gets all these girls – yet notice that they’re all white.

        That’s what ‘Ugh’ was criticizing, that the Asian guy was essentially trying to be a white dude, but who was speaking and looking Chinese but otherwise living a white life.

        • Danny

          Let me see… does the Chinese guy have to be shown speaking Chinese, eating noodles, throwing jump kicks and kung fu moves for him to be considered Chinese and living a Chinese lifestyle? He can’t be considered Chinese just for the fact that he’s bringing up this racial issue in his essay and showing love for his own people? Did you guys even watch this film? Delusional.

          • nitrostat

            in all honesty… if the Chinese race was the dominant race, yes it should show that him eating noodles, throwing jump kicks and kung fu movies… why? because Chinese culture would be the dominant culture, but this is just showing the Chinese guy living a Western lifestyle with the only difference that instead of him being white, he is Chinese..

          • omgwtfbbqhax1

            If mongols ever conquered your shitty little europe, all these industrialized ‘western’ lifestyle that you claim wouldnt be western – it would have been invented in Asia.

            And of course, you inbred whites would be living in the filthy little huts without bathrooms that you lived in 11th century europe while raping your sisters and daughters.

          • omgwtfbbqhax1

            Only reason you white race industrialized first and developed so called “western lifestyle” is because you colonized and looted the entire planet while using other races for slave labor 16th~20th century.

            After centuries of exploitation, you whites claim you gave “liberties” to these countries – i.e. process that includes bringing anything of material value back to Europe, and destroying all remaining infrastructure. (schools, hospitals, food/livestocks etc) And you still collect ‘colonial taxes’ from these starving third world countries you created.

            All the wars that you white race started and rapes and murders that occurred stems from their materialistic greed. You whites only cause wars for material, but you do not even know what it means to fight for a cause.

            Now try to argue that White race is not evil

      • Gianna

        Typical white guy hater. Before you start bashing white women for aging, you should stfu, you hypocrite. Aren’t YOU white also? Don’t YOU age just as fast as white women do? Or do you think that women exist to be never-aging decorative objects for your appeal? ”Omg, a WRINKLE, divorce! Divorce! She’s suddenly not worth anything!” Superficiality and entilement level 9000 right here. All that assuming you’re white, which, by your name and your typical anti white-woman rant, sounds like you’re it. Quit the ageist mentality, you chauvinist pig.

        Also, your preference of Asian women and disdain of White women doesn’t make your opinion a God-given universal fact on White women’s ”lack” of attractiveness.

        Before you point your finger at someone and accuse them of being ignorant, I suggest you look at the shit you spew yourself.

        Just had to let you know of your own ignorance, you looked too funny looking like an entitled hypocrite all alone over there.

        • Zoomba

          typical loud and potty-mouthed white chick. no wonder the world loves asian women

    • impact glory

      not sure about the white female superior thing,, if so whit men wouldnt be running off with asian women…. it is the fact Hollywood doesnt care about potraying beautiful asian women for white men to take…. but they are scared of potraying east asians as powerful men, cause that means white men lose power and their women lol

      • Danny

        Exactly. They are scared to death to portray Asian men as strong and desirable. Watch the documentary The Slanted Screen.

    • Danny

      Let me see… we did this film for about $2,000. I say we got a pretty got mileage out of a budget that small. If we had $2,000,000 though, I’m sure we could change all the European architecture for you… and that’s about the only “meaningful” thing you could come up with that wasn’t explored… oh wait… that wasn’t meaningful at all. Dumb comment.

    • AngryYouth With A Stick

      White women are pretty, how difficult 4 us to accept simple fact? However, to say every Chinese male will give White women a place in the heart higher than their own women is a little overconfidence. White people are attractive 4 they were smart & powerful. But when lost power, things will change. I could give u 2 examples—1.The Arab women are Caucasians very close to white women, few men think they are attractive, for their society has no power & weak. 2. The Uighurs who live in West part of China, many of them looked like white people, or at least quite close to Europeans in chinese eyes. However, Uighur women are Considered not attcractive for the Chinese.

      When white race was health & strong, their women are considered health & strong. When things changed, the feeling about your woman will also change. Try not lose your power too easily, even if that is impossible ^_^

    • Lulu

      Back when I discovered the internet in highschool, I was always surprise to find ‘asian males’ whining about being racially rejected. My highschool had an anime club and asian guys were really really really popular – preferred over other guys actually.

      Chinese guys benefit from anime cool even if they don’t pretend to be Japanese – that is because there are actually a lot of cool Chinese characters in Japanese anime! In several series by CLAMP, the love interest of Kinomoto Sakura is Li Syaoran from Hong Kong. Clow Reed had an English father and a Chinese mother.

      In Naruto, Rock Lee, meant to be a tribute character to Bruce Lee, is hugely popular in Japan and America.

      Gundam Wing had Wufei, which I don’t see as cool because I dislike his unmoving hair…but there are lots of girls who like him too.

      There are probably way more I missed, because I’m actually not a major anime fan – I just like some anime series the way I like some sci-fi series, though more sci-fi.

      So lonely Chinese guys, don’t mope, get up shape up and go cosplay!

  • I am going to make a movie staring Tom Hanks. It’ll be called “Last Black Guy on Earth.” – Chappelle’s Show

  • JR

    Stopped watching after you said “What would’ve happened if that 14th Century Chinese explorer Zheng He got here before Columbus?” You’d think that someone writing a thesis (which is usually considered an academic paper of a high level) would do some proper research and actually realise that Zheng He DID reach the Americas before Columbus. And his ships were many times bigger than Columbus’ too. The only reason why he never did what Columbus did after was because he was on a mission of peace, not to take over land which did not belong to the Chinese emperor. Think you’re wasting too much time focusing on the negativities of being Chinese brings to you (i.e. racial stereotypes etc.) and should appreciate how amazing Chinese culture and history can be. Racism is only racism if you make it so. Stop taking offense on the little things and get on with life.

    • Adolf

      What is with this specific demographic of American Asian males that makes you so weak. Just bitching and moaning about how oppressed and never saying anything in public. Pathetic to watch and listen to, my Asian mates had no problem pulling hot white broads. You fans of angryasianman are just losers, has nothing to do with your Asianness, you just suck at life.

      • Danny

        What is it with people thinking that this film is talking about interracial dating? That is what makes this discussion so pointless. What does me pulling out hot white broads in REAL LIFE have anything to do with what Hollywood is doing with portraying Asian men as weak, fat, ugly, and gay? None. But that’s exactly what Hollywood is doing and by making this film I AM SPEAKING PUBLICLY about it… in case you haven’t noticed LOL.

    • Danny

      Oops. I thought that was written into the script, I guess that dialogue came out wrong. Zheng He went back home instead of colonizing poor Native Americans. That was supposed to be in there somewhere. My bad.

  • Tron

    These are western movies. This is like me going to Hong Kong and bitching about the stars always being Asian, or complaining about Bollywood movies always having Indian heroes, etc etc. As a polite gesture, we include token minorities in our films. The only time I see whites in Asian movies is when they are some kind of maniacal villian. I know people are upset white culture still exists, but it is going to be around for a couple more years so you better find a way to live with it, like not watching western movies for starters.

    • Reila90

      How many white people makes minority in China compare to Asian American in the states? U.S is a heterogeneous country. The obvious and blatant stereotypes of all minorities portrayal in U.S media isn’t something new. This isn’t about “western movies” but U.S media. And not about Hong Kong stars always being “Asian”.

      • Moshan

        Whites are about 72% of the population, blacks are about 13% and the the others share the rest. ‘Hispanics’ isn’t a race, it’s a cultural category. You can be a white, mestizo, Asian, black or even red hispanic.

  • Andre Leonard

    This was very good. American media always portray distorted image of society. If you watch the mainstream media almost everything is white. There is no tolerance or inclusion of minority or Asian ethnicity.

    As American growing up in California and southwest, I see many Chinese and Asian people, but they have no representation in mainstream media.

    Perhaps someday soon. Media outlet can be acquired and more films and television series showing great diversity and beauty of Asian and other ethnic cultures can be made. Currently most all media outlets and production companies are European controlled and run.

    More Black, Hispanic and Indian roles with Asian cultures will make diversity and tolerance better for everyone. Segregated media no good for anyone.

    Many of us have thirst and desire to learn more and see more of others. I certainly do.

    • no name

      I like china to show more White culture and make diversity with Europeans a core starting point.

      • Andre Leonard

        I like to use diversity as a starting point. We are in this journey called life and no one is really different. We have different views from our culture.

        China has more than 1 billion people, America, only 300 million, America only 230 year sold, China more than 6,000 years old.

        We all have appreciation of different people and dislikes. I happen to like Chinese culture. When possible I will travel there and enjoy. Maybe stay if possible long time.

        • tawhaki

          China is more than 6,000 years old and America 230 years old -> this is a joke, there has been a regime in China for 6,000 years maybe, there have been lots of regimes in America for that amount of time too, if you want to compare controlling governments, China’s is 50 years old

          • Andre Leonard

            You make a valid point. What I was saying is, America as we know it today was founded Europeans coming and taking the land from the Native Indians who were the original inhabitants. Same goes for our neighbor tot he north Canada.

            Europeans are not indigenous to the America’s. North or South.

          • Sydney

            Modern China as we know it today was founded by communist revolutionaries in 1949, current Chinese values are the exact opposite of ancient Chinese values, today’s Chinese people can’t claim pride for ancient Chinese civilisation.

  • Sept922

    I know this is late but Danny I think you put out an idea of “What if things were different”? It was cute and instead of making a big deal and trying to psycho analyze you, people should realized that each individual has their own way of being affected by the outside would and the media. Many in any “dominant” group don’t get what it feels like to be a member of a group that may feel suppressed either physically and/OR emotionally. You can be brave, strong, handsome and all the wonderful things and still feel slighted. It was just a short video to help people think not attack. I get it. As a mixed race AA who lived in Asia for 7 years I can see how those in a dominant group don’t find valid, the desires of smaller groups who are told to “fit in”. It happens in most countries. The anti PC coalition in the US seems to want it to be OK to ignore being a good neighbor and tell everyone to stop crying.But even those individuals who attack everyone with a gripe as “weak” usually have their own deep rooted insecurities. Rock on kid. We are all one. or at least some of us want to be.

    • Danny

      Haha cool!

  • Sept922

    sorry for typos can’t edit…?

  • Kenneth

    Danny, I think you mean the Western World, period! Not just the U.S. Despite what a lot of naive Asian guys falsely believe, European (yes, even Eastern), and White Latin women and society still look down on Asian men. If you believe otherwise, you are delusional.

  • Eduardo m.

    i love reading these comments! so much butt hurts

  • Eduardo m.

    the only good comment here is the top comment

  • KMT Guy

    All one with the commies??????

  • KMT Guy

    Only if the KMT remains in power in all of China, what is depicted in the video would be reality.

  • Yes I agree with ugh what a waste of opportunity.

  • LOL Citizens of the United States of Asia…if Asians came to America before the white people- they’d make it into another China…it would be nothing like America is today. Sneaky Chinese!

  • LOL

    Someone should remake
    this video where the Asian guy goes to an alternative universe where the
    Chinese took over America and European imperialism never happened.
    There are dirt roads, tiny pagoda-like buildings, no technology, no
    medicine. 90% of the population are poor, heavily taxed farmers. He is
    roughly assaulted by a soldier and desperately seeks help. He wanders
    the streets for weeks, until he finds a gate marked “衙門” (thank God,
    weekend Chinese class finally came in handy!). He walks through the door
    with a broken shoulder and cries out for help.

    The officials inside
    listen to his complaint impassively. He gets angry and shouts at the
    men. They notice his strange clothes and strange speech. They suspect
    that he has been abroad or has associated with foreign pirates. They
    force him into a tiny room where he is brutally tortured. He screams and
    begs to be released. They tell him that they will, if he pays them a
    bribe of 20 taels (兩). He has no money and cannot pay. He develops an
    infection and is thrown out into the street.

    He becomes a beggar.
    For weeks, he lives on a tiny amount of beans and rice thrown at him by
    passers-by, slowly starving. He eventually starts kow-towing to them as it seems to
    result in getting more food.

    Suddenly, he is swept into the vortex, and emerges on the other side! Oh, sweet Jesus, it was only a dream!

    goes back to America and thanks God and Europe for saving him for such a
    fate, and for being so lucky to live in a modern America built by the
    genius of the European.

  • S4S

    Someone should remake this video where the Asian guy goes to an alternative universe where the Chinese took over America and European imperialism never happened. There are dirt roads, tiny pagoda-like buildings, no technology, no medicine. 90% of the population are poor, heavily taxed farmers. He is roughly assaulted by a soldier and desperately seeks help. He wanders the streets for weeks, until he finds a gate marked “衙門” (thank God, weekend Chinese class finally came in handy!). He walks through the door with a broken shoulder and cries out for help. The officials inside listen to his complaint impassively. He gets angry and shouts at the men. They notice his strange clothes and strange speech. They suspect that he has been abroad or has associated with foreign pirates. They force him into a tiny room where he is brutally tortured. He screams and begs to be released. They tell him that they will, if he pays them a bribe of 20 taels (兩). He has no money and cannot pay. He develops an infection and is thrown out into the street.

    He becomes a beggar. For weeks, he lives on a tiny amount of beans and rice thrown at him by passers-by. He eventually starts kow-towing to them as it seems to result in getting more food.

    Suddenly, he is swept into the vortex, and emerges on the other side! Oh, sweet Jesus, it was only a dream!

    He goes back to America and thanks God and Europe for saving him for such a fate, and for being so lucky to live in a modern America built by the genius of the European.

    • Heo Hak

      Bullshit, motherfucker. THe way Europeans lynched and massacred Chinese American settlers and continue to mistreat Asians to this day? No, I’d rather the white race be wiped out. East Asia was doing very well for itself before whitey came along. As was most of the rest of the world. Go read some history, not the white-supremacist bullshit.

      You know that you whites used to die at 50% of your population from plague, didn’t know to bathe, didn’t know to boil water, and lived in shitholes in your oh so precious Europe, right?

      You limpdicked cavebitch fucks didn’t improve your standard of living until you stole gunpowder, printing, paper, the compass and many other inventions from China, stole mathematics from the Arabs, and then backstabed North American Native Americans who helped you subhuman white fucks survive the first winters there. You used smallpox purposely to kill 96% of their population, then proceed to steal all the real-estate of North, Central, and South America. And you did the same to Australia.

      THAT was how you were able to lift yourselves out of perpetual shitholedom. You had to lie, steal, cheat, and rape and steal the resources from all the other lands in the world.

  • Chestnut Bowl

    Token Black friend, hell yeah!

  • Duggie

    If chinese were the dominant race on this planet then there shitting in public would be a norm.

  • Arasia

    “What if Columbus was Chinese” = Well Columbus wasn’t the first man to land in the Americas. However, the whites compared to other ethnicities, have marked their territory over there. This is where the difference lies. The USA shouldn’t actually be considered as Western land, Europe should. Secondly, Colombus was Italian, and it’s well known that Italians were considered white only later in history, having been shunned by most of their EU counterparts, the Columbus story’s a fraud. Peace.

  • Starwar

    Fuck no, please…I am Chinese and I know for the fact that Chinese will fuck up the world. The world will be a better place with more Japanese and Aryan races…Chinese bring disasters with their ignorance and arrogance.

  • Icky

    The biggest issue I have with this is it’s apparently an Asian country but quite clearly ones that’s dominantly chinese?

    “A: It’s just a sci-fi fantasy film. Chill out. I’m Chinese-Canadian born in Hong Kong. I love everyone.”

    Hey, way to flippantly disregard a legitimate criticism of your film way to go bravo.

    • Icky

      ***it’s one that’s dominantly chinese?


    • Danny

      It’s not really a mystery that the film is saying Chinese is the dominant world even after Asians take it over…

  • yahoo

    1. China was ruled by xianbei(Xianbi), mongol and manchus empires for long

    in xianbei, mongol and manchu empires, chinese were the lowest class.
    Sorry to mention this.

    Genghis Khan’s law: killing a chinese = killing a donkey .
    Sorryto mention this.

    Kublai Khan said: what is the use of chinese
    Sorry to mention this.

    2. Khitan, Turkey, and jurchen were the masters of china.

    for an example,

    in the chinese “later jin” empire
    the chinese king had to call the Khan of Khitan as father, and the Khan
    was 11 years younger than the chinese king.

    The next chinese king had to call the Khan of Khitan as


    • lick

      mongols killed over 90% of chinese,

      mongols throw cantonese to the sea.

      manchus killed over 80% of chinese, and killed all adult male in the capital
      of canton.

      sorry to mention this.

  • tracker2013

    i don’t see this happening. sorry. to diehard china supporters, china’s rep is going to the dogs. china has some serious problems. the environment is toxic, food safety is dangerous, huge social problems, gross government oppression.

    china is not a safe place to live in short. that not to say all asia is bad. japan,taiwan, singapore are much better examples.

    the US may not be perfect but heck, its like heaven compared to china. large number of wealthy chinese people in china is trying to emigrate to developed nations like canada/usa which is telltale enough. why do you think people are flocking away? actions speak louder than words.

    i think china looking toward bleak times, if the environment is so toxic it can’t support life, does it matter how strong the economy is? not trying to be biased here just objective. i don’t know if blind china loyalists can see reality. but reality is reality, those who deny this live in fantasy land.

  • Trouse

    Fuck it’s a shit!

  • Trouse

    One thing this guy haven’t thought about is, If the stinky china rule the world, there will be not such thing as united……It’s too heavy word for a chinky to handle…United is just not their thing…

  • PinkBarry

    What does he mean by “dominant?” Aren’t the Chinese already the most populous race on Earth? That would be like me making a film asking the question: What if Americans were the most drunken foreigners in Asia? We already are. Quite silly.

  • Ravex23

    And these are the wonderful comments you get from the chinese, after uploading your video on youku.(Youku = Chinese youtube) -___-”

    nungege “fucking white trash, fucking racism. this century belongs us chinese people. the chinese girls have to learn to reject the fucking white people. let
    them know china is not the paradise of the fucking male laowai.”(laowai = foreigners)

    • Jack

      It belongs to the Chinese lol! they are still a 3rd world country full of pollution. This is not their century.

  • sttichhh

    Beautiful quality pictures, but the script is too green – and there’s no direction as to how it is engaging the viewer to feel, to think or to understand.

    • Danny

      That’s kind of the point. You think however you want to think, the film just raises the hard questions that we ultimately have no answers for, as evidenced by the plethora of varying opinions on this public forum. The film just asks the questions no one has the balls to ask, plain and simple.

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    Only possible if asian nation coalition (china india korea japan etc etc) unite together and wage war against white race. Nuke the shit out of all white countries in north america, europe and australia. Then we asians will rain judgement on white race and do exact same thing whites did to all other races – i.e. systematically eradicate all the white males, enslave all white females as sex slaves. White race finally gets to suck karma’s dick and world will see a new age of asian dominance – age with no more exploitation of third world and global peace and prosperity

    Hope this happens within my lifetime

    • Chris Granzow XI

      You have some serious issues.

      • omgwtfbbqhax1

        Issues? It is nothing different than what you whites have been doing

        White race have been murdering, raping, pillaging, and burning blacks/indians/asians/other races for centuries. West stole vast amount of natural resources and exploited free labor (i.e. slavery) to obtain wealth and political power they have today.

        Crimes against humanity that white race have committed for centuries, could have been forgiven if you whites responsibly used the wealth and influence you unjustly obtained for mutual welfare of all of mankind. After all, it is wrong to punish the descendants for the crimes that their grandfathers committed…

        HOWEVER, you whites portray yourselves as heroes in history books. Today you hypocrites claim you ‘civilized’ these countries you murdered and raped. You claim you ‘liberated’ the starving African countries today, when what you really did was eliminating useless liabilities after exhausting all of their natural resources – just like spitting out used chewing gum. You whites continuously generate erroneous racial stereotypes against every race except your own, to put them to their place and to elevate your social status. You whites smugly look down upon billions and billions of those who live in ‘third world countries’ that YOU CREATED. You whites continuously exploit these third world citizens so you could maintain your luxurious western lifestyle. Instead of learning from your ancestor’s crimes, you whites exploit their legacy and benefit from them.

        This is what makes today’s generation of white race no better than the past generations of white men who murdered and raped the entire world. You whites are a cancer to this planet.

        White race is the cause of all evils in the world today. Evil is meant to be destroyed, not tolerated – and certainly not worshipped like they are in todays media and entertainment industry.

        • Chris Granzow XI

          Dude you’re seriously mental. Assuming that you’re not mental (which I doubt):

          First off, at least 50% of modern-day China has been stolen or conquered from other people. Tibet, Mongolia, Xinjiang (Turkestan), Manchuria etc., just look at a map of the Ming dynasty.

          Second, why do you put all whites together as the same? That’s just as ignorant as me putting Thai, Koreans, Khmer and Japanese in the same group just because they look sort of similar. Do you also hate europeans like the polish, lithuanians, ukrainians, swedes, danes (etc.), people who have no history of colonialism. Also, are you so ignorant that you didn’t know that the scottish were also enslaved by the british? What if I put all asian people into one category. Look at what japan did to korea and china during its imperial period.

          Third, China is actually the highest producer of environmental pollution in the world. So much pollution that it even carries over to japan, hawaii and california.

          “You whites continuously generate erroneous racial stereotypes against every race except your own, to put them to their place and to elevate your social status.” If you think only whites have stereotypes for other people, then you need to book a trip to asia with your travel agent asap.

          Also, you keep talking about whites “exploiting africa” but how about you google “china in africa” and see what pops up. China supports dictators like Mugabe, who’s country solely survives off of aid it receives from china. And in return, they get to mine for natural resources.

          “HOWEVER, you whites portray yourselves as heroes in history books.” This is ridiculous, as american history books are overwhelmingly anti-white. Even if it were true, show me a country who doesn’t portray itself in a positive manner. I know you’re not trying to imply that china and japan don’t do that. Get real, find a new scapegoat.

    • Jordan Holmes

      Everything made in Asia is shit, you’d end up blowing yourself up. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing really, less pollution on the planet. You Asians would be NOTHING without white people.

    • Jessika

      Yeah, destroy us with your brilliant “Made in China” weapons. You know, pollute the rest of the planet and then pour more radiation into the ocean.

    • Sydney

      Then white women will never be satisfied with asian men’s tiny wee-wee, what a terrible punishment, worse than being burned forever in hell.

      • omgwtfbbqhax1

        If you harbor such racist sterotype against asian males wtf are u doing living in china? cant find any jobs in your country due to lack of qualification / shitty economy? I hope all the chinese people around you read your shitty post and come castrate your tiny little white wee wee, you fucking racist cunt

  • c211665

    This portrays Asians as an inferior race that wish to become whiter by racemixing with whites. lel

  • amigo

    Sorry to hurt forecasts, dreams and other expectations here… but if there’s anyone able to take over control of U.S. is not Asian people.. but Latinamericans and particularly Mexicans… haha…
    So… better get ready for that, vatos. ‘Cause otherwise, we’ll picarlos, locos.

  • Mateusz82

    For Chinese to be the dominant race, Chinese would have to be a race.

    Also, there would be no snarky, “I’m so oppressed, so here’s my little ‘take that’ movie”, since you’d be too wracked with yellow-guilt and people telling you that you’re privileged.

  • AngryYouth With A Stick

    Poor Americans, they have been cursed by Jewish mind virus And consider us as enemies. In fact their weak mind & stupidity is their only enemy. Look at Detroit, what had happened there will also happen in entire U.S.A. Yet they still blame every thing on those capable people who refused to be as blinded as Americans, firstly they blame Japanese, then Chinese, now, Germans. this could continue til they realize… and such a day will not too long 4 us to wait.

  • Zoomba

    the Chinese ARE the dominant race…silly

    • Jessica


  • There’s really only one race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDknzZ9b6rg
    What we see as different races has more to do with the plastic nature of the human organism than any fundamental differences between us. No two people are more than 50th cousins apart and race only accounts for about 10% of variation when compared to other groups.

  • Jordan Holmes

    Sorry, but Asians can’t pull off the super hero, cool look. They just can’t.
    If there was a super hero movie with Asians in it I couldn’t take it seriously…I honestly think white people are from another planet because they’re the only ones I can take seriously in action movies.

  • thetruth

    Well of course chinese men cannot be considered attractive, a quick stroll down any chinese city street is like a horror show of ugly little males. Granted, North Chinese are taller but they remain loyal to looking like anorexic jungle tribemen.
    It never fails to amuse me when I see Chinese billboards with China men on them in a photo as he is clearly trying to look western with his hairstyle and clothing and always dismally failing.
    Face it boys, you are among the ugliest guys on the planet and thats why you get so vile and racist when you see Chinese females making sensible choices and dating other guys.

  • thetruth

    Let’s be honest guys? When a white girl walks into a bar or room in Asia all eyes are on her. Chinese guys dribble and ogle but know they have zero chances.
    When a Chinese girl walks into a western male and female environment nobody really notices her? Fact.

  • Eorthisio

    Being successful with women is a state of mind, nothing related to “racial majority/dominance” or wealth/material possessions, the day Chinese guys will understand this they will have it easier with non-Chinese women.
    This remind me of Chinese people taking personal pride on Weibo when a few month ago some famous Japanese AV actress turned a scene with a Chinese AV actor, they don’t understand that she did it for the $$$ and not because of some kind of Chinese superiority, she made movies with White men before, Black men too, Koreans, and obviously many Japanese, none of these races’ men took personal pride from it. Chinese girls have sex with White/Black/Arabs/… all the time and none of these races’ men are taking pride from something that someone else did.
    As for White chicks, some are nice, most are an uber waste of time, I prefer Chinese chicks and you Chinese guys should too, here I fuck one new girl per day, can get more than one if I want, they don’t bitch and rant about useless stuff like White chicks are always doing. However I would not marry a Chinese woman, they are way too greedy.

  • Sydney

    “After a century of racist Hollywood films”
    Justifying racism with racism, brilliant!

  • john haggle

    I’m an old rural white man and my daughter is engaged to a 2nd generation East Asian guy that we just love! He is kind, intelligent, adaptable, passionately in love with her, and a lot of fun. He is the ideal man we hoped she would meet. Part of the reason I’m not a bigoted rural racist old white man is that ….. I grew up desperately poor financially and culturally. Good jobs, scholarships, and advantages went to those who had family and other connections; or to football and basketball stars. No matter that I (and my wife ) usually exhibited the greater work ethic, moral purpose, greater benefit to a company as an employee, and greater intellect …. less deserving people were given the best opportunities. This is the norm in much of America today. For us, It was only after decades of not giving up and consistently working to improve on many levels …. were we blessed with better jobs, better positions, better opportunities, and a much better fiance for my daughter than most. So we love him not because he looks like us …. but because he is LIKE US.

  • nicevid


  • olyolywang

    Asians founded a democratic, and united nation? Nice concept if all Asians were on the same page. A lot of white women date Japanese, and Philipino’s. A lot of asian men come off as being secretive, nerdy, and obedient. A trait men like to see in women. White’s and blacks are seen as stronger more dominant, and rebellious. We get along more with geeks trying to impress each other with facts.

  • Vote Positive

    I stopped bitching about how north american media treats asian men a long time ago. Here’s why: http://www.realmericanmedia.com

  • lol

    Asian men are hypocrites they are obsessed with white women and very jelly of Asian women. If the shoe was on the other foot they would be gleeful as hell. A huge obsession with white people I am witnessing from them. Plus when they get shocked a white girl doesn’t go out with them they will talk the same crap about a latina or a black female and default to “I like what I like”. Stop whining. Asian men have racist views and whine.


  • JEng

    it would suck because they lack things that other races black latino white indian etc have that are beneficial to society.

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